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Keyword Snatcher Limited Launch Review

Updated on June 23, 2010

Keyword Snatcher Launch - Don't Miss It

Here's the deal, John Leger's Keyword Snatcher launch will only last 5 days. In other words, you'll only have 5 days to snatch up this revolutionary piece of software. Once the launch is over and you didn't buy, you'll have to keep on using Google's old keyword tool which is used by thousands and thousands of other marketers.

Why Keyword Snatcher Kicks Google's You Know What

We've all used Google's external keyword tool (you probably see images like the one on the right in your dreams). But have you ever wondered whether big G is showing you everything?

I mean, when you type in a word in google, it automatically suggests other phrases. But have you noticed these phrases don't show up in their tool? What's up with that?

I've been using some of those suggested phrases with some pretty neat results. But getting this phrases out of Google is tedious work to say the least.

That's where John Leger's Keyword Snatcher comes in and kicks Google's you know what.

Keyword Snatcher automatically retrieves this information for you.

Keyword Snatcher Compared to Google Keyword Tool Video

Official Keyword Snatcher Reviews

Here are a few interesting snippets I took from the Keyword Snatcher reviews posted on the sales page. It will save you the time of going over all of them yourself.

"Thanks to this tool, my website, less than a month old, now has a PR3 ranking."

"Using Keyword Snatcher, I plug in some values (like US based; Google only, and turbo speed) then put my keywords in and click start. I go grab a coffee. Keyword Snatcher does all the work"

"Many more results per keyword than what I returned the manual way"

"When done, I merely select the keywords, the good ones, and download to csv, or text file, or, my favorite, to spin format for my article spinning."

"Within minutes, Keyword Snatcher robotically delivered new long tail keyword phrases that I never would have dreamed-up...nor would my other keyword tools I paid twice the price for."

"The time saved running this software quickly paid us back for the small purchase price, and essentially replaced the human effort altogether."

"What really convinced me though was the results are from yahoo and bing as well, and I am a person who doesn't like putting all the eggs into one basket. "

"I had only found 52 words from Google and with Keyword Snatcher I found 245. The Niche generator is the real kicker here. "

You can read the full Keyword Snatcher reviews here.

And you can receive a special Keyword Snatcher bonus here.

When Exactly Is The Keyword Snatcher Launch

Take out your calendar and note down the release window of this keyword software.

Monday, June 21st Through Friday, June 25th, 2010

Remember those dates (or sign up to my Keyword Snatcher Bonus list). They could significantly change how you run your online business.

Oh, and you're probably wondering why Keyword Snatcher is only sold for 5 days. Do you know what the biggest problem is with Google's keyword tool? The huge number of users. Every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Sally) receives the exact same information.

John Leger doesn't want the value of Keyword Snatcher to diminish by having too many users.

Do You Think Keyword Snatcher Will Be Useful?

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