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Keywords You Can Profit From Using

Updated on November 7, 2014

Have the right keywords for your content to make the most money

Make a tremendous difference on whether or not you profit with your content and material.
Make a tremendous difference on whether or not you profit with your content and material. | Source

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Find the best long tailed keywords

The WOW factor so many writers strive for with everything they produce is a combination of lots of components. One of the most debated and chatted about is the keywords and keyword phrases used to form the focal points of material written. These are mechanisms directly effecting earnings.

Specific words are sought out and devised to bring a reader to the material they are seeking on the web or bring the material to a reader. Both actions are usually working simultaneously.

In many circumstances an individual scouring the internet knows with fairly specific certainty where they are hoping to arrive when it comes to getting info on a concept or idea. Writers create material to come up with to give individuals several different options of the same concept to choose from.

The answer the inquirer is satisfied with is typically somewhere around the middle ground for both. The vehicle used to drive the two parties toward one another is search engines with lots of weight from an author based on the phrases and keywords selected.

Influences for choosing the best ones to use


When formulating material for the internet an important stimulus to find as soon as possible is what to write about. This is a concept for using the keywords or phrases in a relevant manner. Some impact is seen from a writer enamored with a particular niche, a writer’s skill circle or even experience.

Earning potential

The earning potential for any piece of work does play an enormous role. There is no concrete formula guaranteeing a certain word or phrase will earn the most today, this week or even this month. Nonetheless making an educated and informed decision assists in eliminating some while simultaneously pushing others to the forefront.

Passive versus other forms of income

Where the majority of a writer’s income is achieved is another component influencing decisions. Passive income versus active income, writing for a client or content site, articles versus blog posts and various other categories specific to each writer weighs in.

This material chats about some of those impacts, their affects and lends a hand in swaying the pendulum in favor or against using one word or phrase over another.

Inspired or uninspired

What inspires content is narrowed somewhat by what choice shifts possible earnings in an upward direction. Great ones pay well by producing lots of traffic. Various things improve the performance of these and a writer should consider lots if not all of them before making a selection.

More than a few dynamics are included in assessing the ones that work best. The ones motivating a writer to include them in a piece of content means looking at any material related to them, enlightening data and obtaining as much info as possible before a final choice or commitment. Time for a writer is valued and wasting it is not an option. Any content not earning money is a waste of time for professional writers in the business.

They are inspired or uninspired to produce a notion based on info gathered about the keyword or phrases surrounding it.

Do not put together junk

Simply finding the most popular ones people hunt for around the web is not enough to promise they are the most profitable. In fact, elements of phrases or particular watchwords are certainly attracting the most online traffic at any one given time. Dumping an abundance of these words into an irrelevant and poor quality piece of writing will actually hurt a writer’s finances.

Quality, quality and more quality is the key for any terrific piece of writing no matter which ones are used. After assessing the info available and the right ones land on target, but quality is skimped on-it never works out well.

Knowledge is power

Taking the time to invest in learning the suitable ones gives the biggest advantage in investing writing skills in ventures definitely worth the time. The insight to land in the proper place with these comes from more than one resource. Knowledge is power and more is always priceless.

More than a few different inputs improve the plan. Gain lots of very useful knowledge from other more experienced writers. Additionally, articles around the web or blogs dedicated to the conversation or even websites devoted to optimizing keyword usage all aid in the cause. The more a writer reads it expands their knowledge and the better they become at the profession.

Successful writers with veteran status on most of the writing sites are wonderful “go to” sources and fountains of info. Countless are willing to share personal experience and skills for little of nothing. Some give it away for free in articles they published on these same sites.

One site in particular, Infobarrel, has more than a few enthusiastic to do the research and work along with offering them for nothing. Other sites have remarkable editors eager to help out with the same situations. All of these willing participants in a writer’s work do have their own agenda.

Quality work with the finest keywords is also produced by these helpful resources. They back link articles with the same subject matter and it becomes a win/win situation. Editors game to give valuable input make their sites bigger and better in search engines.

Long tail keyword phrases

Keyword phrases which include a general word narrow down readers or bring more focused traffic. Materials with general subjects never work as well as those using narrower or restricted phrases. Most people searching for something online are looking for more specific info.

They start out typing a general word like swim, but narrow it down to swimming in a heated pool or swim in the lake during summer break. Whatever the grouping of words, they need something more specific than swim. This is where long tail phrases for particular words play well.

Competition is less the narrower the phrase or the more words comprise the whole phrase. Tightening phrases to a finer group of words enables material to move to a higher search engine ranking or show as higher results to a reader. Moving up in ranking causes more page views and increased income.

Use longer phrases for everything possible. Even if they identify one or two words in the title or throughout an article, consider longer ones when possible. Possibly linking or connecting one or two articles together with one having more generalized phrases while the other has narrower phrases is a good plan of action.

Competition versus searches

Another useful area to explore is the competition or articles on the web competing with a proposed plan for using the word. Knowing the amount of competition along with the searches (typically monthly works well) engages discussions that make sense of a plan of action or strategy and avoid wasting precious time.

Imagine thinking of using a phrase which has a low amount of rivals, but also a squat amount of traffic. This is probably not the ideal direction to go in with work. Bringing in the readers is the name of the game. No traffic results in little or no money as well.

The same is true for a high quantity of searches with a high quantity of traffic. Is anything gained by writing on a saturated niche or subject matter with the amount of competition seen? A writer struggling to gain a small amount of a big piece of pie will likely result in little of nothing for a lot of awesome work product.

The great ones come into play with a low amount of competition and a massive amount of searches. These are the writers who take their brilliant writing skill or style viral. Wonderful results are seen.

Web Tools to help make a more informed choice

The web has several tools which are wonderful to point writers in the right direction. These are free of charge to use

Use search engine auto typing feature

Search engine auto type is a wonderful source lots of writers use to search for phrases and words used in articles. Auto typing is when you begin to type a word/phrase and the search engine prompts you to finish it. It automatically guesses at what you are going to use to complete the word or phrase based on what you have already typed.

For instance, if you are typing the word Ghostbuster you have an entire array of words or phrases offered up to you. The first five letters sends you suggestions like ghost ship, ghost adventure, and ghost movie and ghost hunter.

These results emerge using only one search engine tool. Using this method of seeking out help with your next subject matter is wonderful to connect more than one article with another, looking inside of one niche for multiple titles or subjects along with simply exploring what the web has to offer in a particular category of work.

Google Keyword tool

Google is definitely the King of Content around the web. They have a remarkable device they developed for considering which words to use for the best outcome. Gathering as much data as possible before creating the next viral piece of work is important.

The tool supports several different fields of data. It shows a list of related words or phrases using a specific word trending along with how many readers are searching for it on any given time frame.

These are some of the most well-liked, but there are dozens of others offering similar data. Investigating successful writers, articles, blogs, forums and other resources give direction on finding and using them.

In conclusion

Knowing which words net the most money when writing content is not a definite science, but there are some things to increase the likelihood of choosing the more profitable ones

Use the material outlined here to make an informed choice about an important aspect of writing for the web. What keywords and phrases make the most money for a writer’s tremendous efforts?


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    • profile image

      Kumar Suhas 6 years ago

      This is really good post, readers may also like this post abot this topic

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web


      i havent received a valid answer for that yet. i believe it has something to do with following hubbers that dont have hubs and lower hubscores. i am working on getting an honest answer for my hubber score that was fairly high several weeks ago. thank you for asking

    • profile image

      SusieQ42 6 years ago

      I appreciate the great info but why is your score 1???

    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 6 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      Really good hub with wonderful advice. Thank you. Thumbs up.

    • G Miah profile image

      Gous Ahmed 6 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Excellent hub! Bookmarked, thanks for the info.

    • jochoa profile image

      jochoa 6 years ago

      Great info and very helpful to me as a newbie here.

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great advice about long tail keywords! I frequently look at the search results for my hub and tweak my keywords depending on what is or isn't used for searches. It can make such a big difference! Prior research before publishing hubs or any other articles is so important, too.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Thank your for sharing this valuable information.

    • profile image

      Breen Bergstrome 6 years ago

      Thankyou for all this great information.

      I'm relatively new to computers and this helps alot.


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