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Know All About Software Testing Jobs

Updated on June 15, 2014

Software Testing


What is Software Testing?

Software testing may not be a common term for you, but for many dealing with software development and other related tasks must be aware well aware of it. Software testing is a much needed process before software gets in use. It is a testing or evaluation process where the software undergoes strict checks on various standards. The entire process of software testing takes place before the software hits the market or comes in use. This process may be initiated while the software is being developed or after the completion of the development stage.

It is an essential procedure, which foretells about any defects or failures in the product. The professionals working on this profile have to ensure that software works as expected. For this, they are first given a brief on the usage of the software and other details related to it. Accordingly the software testers check the product on varied standards. This testing helps the company or an individual to know that the product once developed will be implemented as desired.

Jobs for Software Testing


What job responsibilities lie with software testers?

These professionals involved in software testing process have to be tech-savvy people aware of the know-how of testing procedure. They are made aware of the objective of developing the software and its usage. This helps them in measuring how accurately has it been developed.

Below is the process of software testing, which is cautiously performed by these professionals.

  • Understanding the software's requirements
  • Preparing test plans
  • Deriving test scenarios
  • Documenting test cases
  • Collecting test data
  • Creating test batches
  • Executing test cases
  • Reporting errors
  • Tracking errors
  • Selecting test cases for re-testing
  • Executing regression tests
  • Reporting of defects
  • Preparation of test reports

Scope of software testing jobs


Scope of these jobs

The software industry is booming and holds great opportunities for those pursuing engineering or any such related professions. For people like these, software testing turns out to be a promising career. It involves great skill, an understanding of software usage, operation and other related factors. In terms of remuneration too, this profession seems to be offering good prospects. After gaining relevant experience in this field, one can even go on to work on the position of Team Lead in software testing. These professionals are paid quite well and can even individually with their sound knowledge of the core concepts used in this job.

Software testing itself has become a specialized discipline that holds good career options ensuring timely growth. They are professionally trained people, who make use of varied technologies to report the bugs in a software.


Software testers are technologically sound professionals who are paid well in the industry. Options for software testing jobs in the industry are many. They can opt to work with leading software development firms or can even work as freelancers providing software testing services. The latter is suitable for those who already understand the process and are trained for the job. The entrants should first try looking for a job that can help them understand the industry well. If we look at the remuneration paid to them, the entry level professionals as per a research firm gets Rs. 3,00,000 p.a on an average. Further, for software testing lead, the annually remuneration is Rs. 7 lacs or more, depending upon the experience and skills.


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