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Know Bangalore and All of its Highlights

Updated on May 4, 2014


Bangalore-The Pub Capital
Bangalore-The Pub Capital | Source

Bangalore, A Fulfilled City

Bangalore, now named as Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka, located on the southern shore of the country. This Indian city is widely known for its IT operations and an all time pleasant climate. Bangalore is also among the most preferred entrepreneurial locations all around the world. This Indian city is said to have everything, for people of all ages. From peaceful travel destinations to adventure spots, from high rise structures to job opportunities in leading companies, it gives hundred choices for almost everything. At present, it has all the charms for students as well as job seekers. As a result of which, 62% of the city's population comprises of migrated population from different parts of the nation.

This city is known for its culture, lifestyle and of course the job opportunities. It simply brings you the best, no matter you are a student, a professional or a traveller. For those looking forward to the pursue education in this city, the choices are many. Bangalore has the maximum number of engineering institutions as compared to any other Indian city. Besides, for those studying other subjects like medical, media, hotel management or management, the city has many reputed educational institutions to choose from. Further, if we go on to looking at the job sector in the city, the prospects are good. With the presence of maximum number of government and private organizations, it presents itself as an ideal destination to look for a job.


Bangalore & Its Highlights
Bangalore & Its Highlights | Source

The Highlights

Dive into the Culture of Bangalore

Also known as the 'Pub Capital of India' is among the best places to live. For people of different tastes, castes, religions, professions and ages, it is simply the best. The kind of culture and lifestyle one witnesses in Bangalore, is one of the significant reasons for many staying there. This city is diverse on both social and economic standards.

The best thing Bangalore's culture is its warmth and diversity, which lets everyone to fit in with sheer ease. Even in terms of food, it has many options. Not just South Indian, but also the Mughlai, Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisines are easily available. So, if you haven't ever considered the option of moving to Bangalore, you are missing out on a lot.

And You Would Love the Weather

Other than the its IT operations, climate remains the most discussed and celebrated characteristic of Bangalore. This Indian city remains the favorite among many owing to its weather, which remains pleasant throughout the year. During your stay in the city, you will never find the weather to be rude towards you. It will always keep you surprising you with the unexpected drizzling and breeze.

You May Even Explore The Natural Wealth of Bangalore

The city widely referred to as, the Garden City of India, Bangalore has maximum number of gardens in the country. The city will leave you astonished with its natural wealth, which it keeps nourishing. A garden in Bangalore called Lal Bag, has the most diverse kinds of man made flora collections.

Facts about Bangalore

Bangalore-The Garden City
Bangalore-The Garden City | Source

Did You Know?

  • 35% of the country's pool of IT professionals are employed in Bangalore.
  • The city is also given the title of 'Pub Capital of India'.
  • It was the first Indian city to have electricity.
  • Bangalore is also called the 'Garden City of India'.
  • This Indian city produces the largest number of doctors in the country.

Job opportunities in Bangalore

Bangalore-The Job Hub
Bangalore-The Job Hub | Source

The Job Sector

Are you stuck at the thought of finding a job in Bangalore? This is surely not something you need to be worried of. All you need is just a clear view of what jobs can you find in the city.

When it comes to discussing the job market of Bangalore, the prospects always look good. For those from IT, aviation, manufacturing, biotechnology and many other industries, jobs are many. Below are some of the major details related to these sectors, where you can get to explore the best jobs in Bangalore.

IT (Information Technology)

Owing to its strong presence in IT sector, Bangalore is also referred to as the 'Silicon Valley of India'. It is home to many multinational software and computer hardware companies. The IT sector in Bangalore showcases the growth it has attained within a few years' time. Today, it houses more than 900 IT firms, which is a commendable figure. More than half of the IT professionals in the country are employed in this Indian city.

Some of the leading companies based here include IBM, Philips, NXP, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens, Cognizant Technology Solutions and Samsung.


Aviation Monopoly Capital of India is another tag given to Bangalore. More than country's 65% aerospace business comes from this city. The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which is one of the leading names in this industry, has its R&D centre in Bangalore, which employs over 9500 employees. Besides, some other prominent names that have their operations here include Boeing, Airbus, Goodrich and GE Aviation.


Biotechnology is among the prominent sectors that make many turn to the city every year for job hunt. Of the 240 biotechnology companies in India, 97 are based in Bangalore. For those looking for great career opportunities in this sector, no other city could be better than Bangalore.


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