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Know How Soft Soft Skills Can Help In The Growth Of A Business

Updated on March 5, 2014

A few years back, business owners used to denigrate the concept of "soft skills" because according to them, soft skills had no place in the world of business. But nowadays, even entrepreneurs firmly say that they need people with soft Skills.

Soft Skills

You may want to know what soft skills are. First, be ready to accept that they are much broader than people skills. In fact, many of us have a notion that if we can communicate effectively with others, we have soft skills. There is another set of people who think that if they have interpersonal skills due to which others like them, they have soft skills. Both the notions are wrong because these definitions simplify the concept of soft skills.

Experts have defined soft skills as those "skills that are essential tools for developing, changing, re-shaping or enhancing our personality, attributes and attitudes, behaviors and very importantly, our mindset so that we will be able to achieve the desired outcomes both in our professional and in our personal lives."

If we delve deep into this definition, we will find that these are the factors that attract others to us or may drive them away from us. We come across people with a conflictual personality and these people may adopt a care-free attitude towards meeting deadlines and they may have an "either-or-or" mindset that is also popularly known as a "black-and-white mindset" about almost all the issues. Due to these traits, their behaviors may be thoroughly unprofessional. This means that these people lack in soft skills.

How Soft Skills Help

Most importantly, soft skills help us in utilizing our other skills. Even if we are highly talented in a particular field, people will not entrust tasks to us if we do not have soft skills. How we view our work, our attitude, how we communicate with others, our emotional intelligence that helps us have an unbiased attitude and a number of other attributes are the skills we need for utilizing our talents to the optimum. We will be able to delegate work to others, motivate people, build a great team and so on if we have these skills. These skills will help us in getting along with people and in adopting a positive approach even if there are differences in opinions.

Why Organizations Fail

Organizations fail because they expect employees to possess soft skills. They do not realize that they have to train the employees and impart these skills into them. They think and expect that employees will automatically be aware of the ingredients of these skills and so, they will be producing high-quality work.

What Should You Do As The Owner Of A Business?

If your business does not grow to the desired extent despite you having highly talented employees, you should check if your employees lack soft skills. If there are problems in this area, these employees may be pulling the organization in different directions and this may result in under-achievement, loss of clients and higher turnover of staff. Managers will continue to remain as managers and they may never become leaders. As the owner of the business, you should fill this soft-skills gap and make sure that the skills accompany the talents of these people. If you focus on this, you can achieve optimum growth in your business.

Once you fill this gap, people will start listening to each other, they may not hesitate to present their ideas, they may resolve conflicts easily and will easily foster an honest and open work environment in your organization. Participation in team projects will be full and whole-hearted and there will be mutual appreciation and support among the employees.


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