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Know The Worst Types Of Bosses

Updated on May 4, 2014

Not everyone will be lucky to have a good boss. In fact, according to a survey, the bosses of one out of five employees are responsible for hurting the careers of the employees. This may perhaps be due to the fact that these employees may not be able to come out with their optimized performance because of these bad bosses. The study says that bad bosses can impact the performance of employees so much that their output will be below par for about five years.

A question may immediately come to your mind as to who a bad boss is. HR researchers who make a study of workforce performance say that even among bad bosses, some types are the worst. Let us have a look.

The Crooked Lot

Researchers have named the first among the worst types as "The Crooked Lot.". A crooked boss may be highly charismatic and will make you think that he or she is very ethical. You will be fooled by the charisma and the small talk of this boss. But the fact is that this crooked person may be more dangerous than those bosses who may lack in such finesse. The suggestions and advice of such crooked bosses may appear acceptable but employees who believe them may ultimately face difficulties or even penalties. This does not mean that you will lose your ethical values also but you may certainly lose your motivation, enthusiasm and passion.

Bullying Bosses

These bullying bosses may have become masters of their techniques and so, they can create nightmares for the employees. Some of these bosses may have social skills using which they may easily coerce their employees. They may be aiming to go to the top and so, they may not care how many employees become victims due to their aggression and bullying. Employees who are affected may have to keep licking their wounds for a long time.

Micromanaging Bosses

These managers think that they should have complete control over everything and so, they will try to micro-manage everything. For example, if you draft an email, they may want to have a look and add their own touch to the draft. Micro-managing bosses are a big bottleneck for an organization's growth.

Workaholic Bosses

These bosses do not know what work-life balance is. On top of it, they may not like employees who leave the office on time. They think that those who work for longer hours are only efficient. A study says that some of the workaholic bosses send emails even on Sundays or at 10 or 11 PM. They may expect the employees to reply immediately to these emails also.

BFF Bosses

The problem with these bosses is that it is not easy to recognize them easily but once you are caught in their web, you are certain to get stuck. In fact, these best-friend-forever bosses do not know that there are boundaries in friendship. They may think that their bad days should be your bad days also. They may unburden everything on you and may expect you to deal with their problems, especially the emotional ones. This may become a major distraction for you and so, you may not be able to focus on advancement in your career.
If you are stuck with a boss of any of these types, you may have to think of ways to escape from the boss. Even changing your job is a worthy suggestion. But you should be certain about your prospective boss. It should not be a case of "falling from the pan into the fire."


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