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Know all about telecom jobs

Updated on June 29, 2014

Telecom Jobs


Thinking of a career in telecom

Telecom is one of the significant industries that have been growing rapidly in the country. Telecom is the sector crucial to our communication requirements. Owing to the technologies introduced in telecom, our nation has reached a level where accessibility to telephone, cellular telephone, broad band, mobile internet, television, Internet and other services has become convenient.

Those aiming for jobs in telecom sector need to be technically strong with a better understanding of all the communication networks. Some core areas in telecom include Designing Data Networks, Optical Networks (SDH, SONET, DWDM), Wireless Networks (GSM, CDMA, 3G), Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Broadband Technologies. Telecom professionals can specialize in any of these and grab a good job opportunity.

Career choices in telecom


You may aim for these telecom jobs

For those graduating with a degree in telecom or obtaining a specialized degree in any of the sub-fields in this sector can go on to explore many telecom jobs. They have a lot of opportunities to explore including the following:

Installers and Repairers

Telecom is a vast field that involves installation as a significant element. Technicians can go on to work as installation experts, who are skilled enough to deal with the complicated communication networks and systems. They can either work as telecommunications equipment installers or line installers. They are capable of dealing with the routers, modems, and other equipment used in this industry.

Telecom Engineers

The job of a telecom engineer is one of the most sough-after profiles in this industry. These are the qualified professionals, who hold graduate’s degree in telecommunications or any other related field. They are highly demanded in telecom industry and are paid well. They look after the installation, commissioning and integration of the various RF/wireless equipment such as BTS, Node-B, Microwave, SDH and Mux. Many a times, they may also be responsible for handling troubleshooting of the 2G and 3G sites.

Telecommunications Specialists

These are the telecom experts, who are highly skilled and capable of managing the new telecom implementations coordinating for installation of customer devices and services.

Support Personnel

These are technical support professionals who can work on different profiles such as telecom managers or such other positions. Eligibility criteria for these professionals to get hired may be different in all the companies. The job opportunities available for them are many.

Telecommunications Sales

Sales remain a significant area where a professional can seek high paying jobs. In telecom too, the professionals can go on to explore the sales jobs. Initially they can get a job as a sales executive, whereas after gaining a relevant experience, they can be assured of a high paying job at a managerial position in the sales segment.

Besides these, there exist many other profiles that exist in the telecom sector. You can access these jobs at the leading job portals, which are the best ways leading you to the ideal jobs.

Where can you seek jobs in telecom sector?

While you plan to get placed in the telecom sector, there may be many opportunities. In this sector, you can get to work in varied sectors including the private companies operating as telecom service providers. Besides, they can even opt to work with the telecom equipment manufacturers. Besides, following are the other setup where they can be employed.

  • Service Providers
  • Wireless Service Providers
  • Satellite Telecommunication Services
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Manufacturers
  • Networking Equipment and Fiber Optics Manufacturers
  • Wireless and Satellite Communication Equipment Manufacturers

Possess these skills to make it to these positions

To work as a telecom professional, you would need a specific set of skills to possess. It is an industry suitable for those, who possess technical as well as analytical skills. Besides, they need to have an understanding of the process of telecommunications and the intricacies involved. They need to be the planners, who can identify the risk in a system and immediately look for ways to sort it. Following are some of the skills that can help a professional get to an ideal job in the telecom sector.

  • Problem solving skills
  • Mathematical precision
  • Technical skills
  • Risk identification
  • Networking and programming
  • Good communication skill
  • Planning ability and ability to work under pressure
  • Logical and a quick learner
  • Good manual, technical and mechanical aptitude
  • Ability to unite scientific discoveries with commercial applications to solve the problems


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