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Know your Job Prospects In and Around Delhi

Updated on July 8, 2014

Delhi-The City Has it All

The idea of moving to Delhi seems good. No matter, which age group you belong to, or what profession you are into, the city holds a lot to offer you. This city has different lures for people of all ages, all interests and aspirations. Owing to the availability of multiple choices for everything in Delhi, it every year calls a huge influx of migrants to the city. So, if you have been considering the choice of shifting to Delhi to explore some good career opportunities, you should first know the city's potential to employ you. For this, an analysis of the city's job market would be required.

So, here we have done our bit of research to let you know what jobs can you look for in the national capital. Here, the main factors that have been used to detail the city's job sector are the prominent industries that generate maximum jobs, growth in the number of new jobs created here and future growth prospects in Delhi and its neighboring locations in NCR (National Capital Region).

Reviewing the Job Sector of Delhi-NCR

Delhi and its surrounding locations Noida and Gurgaon are turning into the business hubs with a lot of international brands coming in. The capital city has been completely transformed into a world where many alluring job opportunities, and a great contribution to this has been made by the land bank in NCR. Due to the availability of huge land bank in areas like Noida and Gurgaon, many multinational companies now have their operations in either of them. Due to this, better career opportunities are now available in these job hubs.

Aim for the IT Jobs in Noida

Noida has turned into a full-fledged job hub where the best IT jobs prevail. Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is home to many IT firms. Many multinational companies today have their offices here. It is also a hub of real estate and construction sectors. If you have been looking forward to get a suitable job in any of these, you may find it here in Noida. This is surely an add-on for those staying in Delhi, due to the easy connectivity with Noida through metro and road networks.

Gurgaon, The Real Job Hub

Gurgaon, as known to almost everyone, today is a business hub with the best national and international brands having their operations here. Be it the infrastructure or job opportunities, Gurgaon makes a mark in everything. Its infrastructure itself proves to be a factor for many to be employed in the companies based here. Gurgaon, today is home to half the companies listed under the Fortune 500 tag.

Business Hubs in Delhi

You may find job in Delhi depending upon your experience and qualifications. The city has small to medium and huge companies operating in different sectors such as telecom, IT, retail, real estate, online marketing, advertising, event management and what not. The city is full of opportunities, you need the right way to find them. If you have been looking for a job in the city, you must have heard of the business hubs in Delhi. Some of the significant locations where most of the reputed companies are located, include Connaught Place, South Extension, Greater Kailash, Nehru Place and Okhla. These are all the locations, where many Indian and international companies are based in the city.

Best Workplaces in and around Delhi

Some of the companies rated as the best workplaces have their operations in Delhi-NCR. If you also have that urge to work in these organizations, you may go on to make yourself an ideal resource for them.


Google has always been maintaining its position in the list of best workplaces. This time too, it has made to this list. The kind of work culture and policies Google promotes, it is the ideal workplace for each one of us.


NIIT, based in Gurgaon is known for its employee-friendly policies. It is among the organizations that value its workforce even more than its client base.

American Express

In the Great Places to Work Survey, 2013, American Express too secured a rank. This company is said to be having the best retention rates and work culture.


NTPC Ltd., a public sector organization in Delhi is too given a place among the best workplaces. The company aims to keep its young workforce motivated, for which they have self-contained project stations.

Make My Trip Inc.

Make My Trip has always maintained its position as a best place to work. The company aims to maintain the fun element in its approach and keeps its workforce engaged.

Which city in the NCR region would you prefer to look for work ?

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