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Knowing when to walk away.

Updated on April 28, 2014

Keep Calm

Sometimes it's just that simple.

Take A Walk

So you've been at your job for a few years and slowly but surely you've started to notice how the people around you are getting accolades and attaboys. And for the work that you've done, what would you do? Well if you’re me you’d say nothing. I might ask what they've done to deserve the attention, but otherwise I would say nothing (except to my husband, of course). I’d been at my last job a little over 2 years. It wasn't a difficult job it wasn't a particularly glamorous job, but it was a job that I loved going to everyday until...

I am not one to normally hold a grudge, when someone does something that truly deserves a commendation I am usually the first to do so. Whether it is my job or not I've never been shy with compliments, having said that it’s still nice to hear the words back once in a while.

We all have those people around us who are great confidence builders; we also have the ones who should belong to a demolition crew because all they do is tear other people down. The latter isn't preferable, but it is the most common.

Researchers have shown that people who are working in satisfying jobs, their quality and work performance rates are higher than those who are working in jobs where they feel under valued and under appreciated. However thankfully research has also shown and debunked the myth that job satisfaction equates to people living happier, healthier and longer lives. This does not mean that one should stay in an unsatisfying job or career. Everyone goes through a period of time where they might feel the need to move on, but sticking it out usually proves beneficial. However if the dread continues into weeks and weeks turn into months and months into years, It’s time to cast out the net and see what other jobs one can reel in. This also means there is hope for we who are working in those unsatisfying jobs.

While researching this topic several items were reiterated many times over they are as follows:

  • Your reputation has taken a hit –When you’re in the workforce sometimes all you have is your name and reputation. If your reputation has taken a hit, especially when it has nothing to do with something you've personally done, it’s time to walk away. It’s hard to recover from this sort of damage.
  • When you are no longer feeling challenged – Most of us will be working well into our sixties, if your job is no longer challenging you it may be time to walk away.
  • When you are no longer learning – Again, if you’re going to be working well into your sixties, you need to keep your brain and intellect sharp, if you’re doing the same mundane thing day after day, it may be time to take a walk.
  • If you’re over qualified – If you’re doing a job that any first year college student could do then maybe it’s time to find something more challenging.
  • If you dread going into work – Life is too short to hate the job that you’re doing. If you find yourself dreading going into work everyday then it’s time to find a new job.
  • If you’re asked to do something that goes against your morals – This is a no brainier. Enough said.
  • If you find yourself out of the loop, or never invited to “Happy Hour” – This isn't a deal breaker and for some it may never bother them to be kept out of the loop, but for others it feels good to belong and when you’re made to feel like you don’t then may be it’s time to start searching for something new.
  • Lastly and more importantly if your job is making you sick. - If you find yourself stressing out it is time to cut the cord. Stress can cause an endless list of illnesses such as; depression, anxiety, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging and etc…If you find yourself suffering from any or all of these things it’s time to find your bliss elsewhere.

How satisfied are you with your job?

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    • LCaverson profile imageAUTHOR

      Leslie Caverson 

      4 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA.

      What a happy ending for you. I think we are tested for a reason, I have no idea what I was supposed to learn from my test however. Thank you for the feedback and I am so glad that it worked out for you in the long run, Leslie

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      4 years ago from England

      I remember feeling really disappointed when I was made redundant from my office job, I had done so much for them, it made me so mad, but what I didn't know was that my boss was planning on taking me back! lol! She had to make me redundant because it was the rules, but she got me straight back as a temp! but yes sometimes you do just have to get out of the job, nell


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