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LOS Survey in Telecommunication

Updated on October 12, 2013

LOS/MW Survey (Line Of Sight)

MW survey is carried out to have MW connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Sight clearance. The MW LOS Survey is carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for an acquisition. The survey is critical in nature because any failure in LOS can cost heavy loss on account of providing infrastructure at the site and delay in project

Tools Used;


• Binocular

• Magnetic Compass

• Path loss tool

• Maps

• Altimeter

• Measuring Tape

• Camera

Steps of a LOS (Line Of Sight) Survey

LOS survey is carried out in the following steps:

• Collect Nominal of proposed site and those of the nearest locations to which customer proposes the LOS connectivity & Verification

• Record latitude, longitude, building data, obstruction data and surrounding terrain data on the LOS Survey template

• Generate LOS Path Profile for the proposed Link using Path loss 4.0

• Generate LOS report for the proposed Link using Path loss 4.0,Conduct physical survey of the hop to identify any field obstructions and verify the LOS path profile

• Complete the Site Survey Candidate evaluation report

Detailed drawings & Details after a survey


  • RF survey drawings required:
    • Existing site layout.
    • Existing shelter layout.
    • Existing tower/Pole Layout.

  • LOS Survey drawings required:
    • Existing tower/pole Layout.

Survey Drawing

Shelter Details:

This kind of civil survey measure all detail information about dimensions, cabin height (Cm in scale) and spacing, which helps to plane new installation in BTS. Therefore technical team must submit a typical report abuts BTS. The report must include the following details.

  • about the condition of BTS
  • about the city power connection (single-phase or three phase)
  • remaining space of rectifier MCBs and rectifiers
  • remaining pace holes of grounding bars
  • appearing current and voltage of rectifier
  • remaining feeder holes of BTS
  • panoramic views of BTS ( Photos of internal view )
  • information about varies cables lengths need for new installation

4G– (LOS+RF) Survey

In 4G Survey, there some important details to note down;

  • Space availability of the tower/pole to place4G antennas at required height and required azimuths.
  • If Tower/pole without in required height or azimuth, propose most suitable place, in many case with RT sites, it is propose a new pole.
  • Space availability of the tower/pole to hang three RRU’s on the tower/pole.
  • Availability of the clearance to setup a GPS antenna.
  • Propose more effecting azimuths and heights for 4G antennas and RRU’s.
  • Propose a suitable location for GPS antenna with good clearance space.
  • Drawings of site, shelter and tower/ pole layouts.
  • Cabin details as required.
  • Conduct normal LOS survey procedure to propose MW Link.

4G- GPS antenna clearance space


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      4 years ago


      your post helped me to learn easily...

      continue your service and well wishes...


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