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Labor - The Most Humble Man

Updated on November 13, 2012

History presents a very dismal picture of the real architects who made wonders of the world, some even beyond perception, standing with all its dignity and grandeur despite the upheavals of time. For people today, it only provokes thinking of human prestige and determination in an era devoid of mechanical noise and technical prosperity. Working in harsh weather, lashing a bull cart having a rhythmic bell in the neck in past or running with the momentum of modern machines like a robot at present, the meaning of life is same for all labors i.e. to work hard and earn their living. A typical labor is always busy to execute his task with utmost passion and acquired skill without considering the duplicity being woven in his surroundings.

In Industry the labor services are used as a step to success and achieve some what difficult targets by luring and deceiving the deprived class through false promises made on the basis of their genuine and identified needs. Although, genuine demands of the labor can be fulfilled exclusive of any bargain yet it is very provoking for the management to have some deal on tough working conditions. In some places, the psyche of labor management is that the labor force is a part of their investment and must produce the desired results at all costs. The human factor is declined in comparison with the material achievement and that is the point where labor force is put in hard working conditions, sometimes up to the limit of exploitation. The condition is really worst in areas where there is no savvy of the labor rights and thus labors are made victim for their ignorance. In addition, labor is not counted a party to the success achieved in an organization, save lip service, which would not have been possible otherwise.

They say “Labors right should be protected with full privileges according to the international labor rights”. Champions of the labor cause make compromise on their statements knowingly with pathetic excuse falling prey to the aristocracy. Unfortunately, orders are being issued, laws and promises are being made to protect labor rights but they are never implemented on ground. The reason for this mass failure is pretty clear. The forces assigned to look after the labor condition make undue concession by getting minor benefits to serve their own purpose leaving them on the mercy of tyrants.

By and large we see two conditions prevailing in labor industry regarding labor representation, one is fully active labor unions that carry on relentless strikes for their demands which in turn impede the growth and shake the economical structure of the industry. Such labor groups are curse in itself that corrode a flourishing industry and bring devastation, besides being responsible for divesting the poor class from their meager income. Second is the complete denial of such representative group which makes it easy for the management to undertake difficult decisions against the interests of labor community.

Organizations can be graded for labor rights and privileges known to the public making it easy for labors not to be swallowed away by rough working environment. Million of dollars are invested to flourish a business but very small portion is spent on the welfare of labor community. A healthy and flexible working environment can in turn bring the desired results up to the satisfaction in which both sides get mutual benefit i.e. when a labor is facilitated with incentives or relief, he will produce better results. Conversely, when he is irritated, he will definitely spoil his work. Obviously, the matter is that welfare of the labor force is directly proportional to the work done.

There are several inhumane and threatening techniques prevailing in the sphere of industry like denials of proper holidays, increase in work load, changing duty timings etc. Daily wagers faces threat of forced expulsion from job during downsizing, cutting a portion of meager salary, transfer to relatively bad working atmosphere, suspension of grant or packages, blank paper signatures, advance resignation and numerous other tactics that are best known to poor labors who are compelled to work in bitter environment.

Only one aspect of labor life if kept in mind is that he is working like a machine and after all man is made up of flesh and blood who needs some affection and mercy as well, will surely solve a bunch of problems.


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    • profile image

      Ausseye 3 years ago

      Well written and about a very important topic, in the Western world this was so 100 years ago, and Unions were the force that set it partly right, alas they are loosing the battle at the moment in Australia. The rich are always ready to take advantage of the poor, no matter the country. If only we had more decent people in management and not the sociopaths that mostly occupy our corporate management roles. Vote you hub up.