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Labor Union, good or bad?

Updated on September 26, 2010

Labor Union

Labor Union

In a layman's point of view, a labor union is an organization of employees that protects the latter's interest against the unfair labor practices of the employers.

Are most of our new college graduates really understand what this union stands for? I do not think so.

A friend of mine who was one of the exemplary students of his class applied for a job. He was so confident that he will get the job he applied for considering his academic performance. Unfortunately, he was not successful in his job application even though he was a potentially valuable job applicant.

He boastfully conveyed to me that he answered well all the questions asked by the panel of interviewers. He was definite that he aced all the academic questions as well as the questions related to employment. However, several weeks had passed and he was not given a call to report back.

We assessed all the questions which he could remember and whoala I found the problem. When he was asked, “Are you going to join a labor union, if given an opportunity and what contribution(s) are you going to extend?” He responded in the affirmative and added that he will precisely provide his very best to uphold the interest of the labor union. Worse, he further offered that he will be willing to extend extra hours just to make sure that he performed his undertakings well.

He responded this way, thinking that a labor union is part of the company’s organization.

I laughed out loud and relayed to him that it was a major destructive answer during his job interview. I told him that it was the main reason why he flunked the job application.

On the basis of his academic standing, he was confident enough to land that job but to no avail due to his misconception of a labor union.

Under the purview of a company, having a labor union in their organization is a demerit factor because the union stands against the management’s interest. It is the labor union that confronts the employer during a labor dispute. In short, labor union represents the employees from the whims and unfair labor practices of the employer.

However, it is a merit for the employees to join the labor union to protect their interests like the promotion of good working condition and advocacy for a higher salary and benefits.

Therefore, joining a labor union is “Good” for the protection of the employees’ management interest. However, it is “Bad” if you are conforming to the fact of joining a labor union during a job interview.


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    • HoneyBB profile image

      Helen Laxner 5 years ago from Illinois

      This was a great article to let people know how important a labor union is the the laborer and how they shouldn't reveal their interest in joining one to the company.

    • profile image

      Danny 7 years ago

      You wrote something interesting here about labor union.You know this is a fact that many of the graduates do not know about labor union because all companies prohibit the establishment of the same. That is why, employees nowadays don't even know whether a labor union exist in their companies.

    • profile image

      uriel 7 years ago

      fantastic! its now clear as the water how one labor union could change ones own perspective! bravo totolek.