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Lacking motivation? Read this now!

Updated on October 18, 2011

Lacking motivation? Read this now!

Do you have problems with motivation? Once you get into motion, do you have problems staying motivated? Are you simple not motivated, period? Do you believe you need help with motivation? Well this article is more than that provided by those motivational courses. I have the secrets that will teach you motivation skills... Read on.

It is common to have a hard time gaining that dream we have in our minds eye. Don't fret, there are different ways for you to get yourself to be motivated at any goal you are interested in obtaining. The follow motivational techniques are some that I keep close to my heart to get a job done.

Don't get out of bed right away take some time to think about what your day is going to be like. You should considered all the different things that come along in your life and mention how you appreciate them. Maybe you are in a state of mind where "everything sucks" and "life is only going to get worse than this." Let me help you, just be appreciative that you have a roof over your head. Continue by thinking about what you are going to do during your day. Consider all the items on your to do list that you are not really looking forward to and getting them over with quickly. Then get to the all the tasks you want to do and think about how pleasurable it would be to take part in accomplishing them. Now that you have something to look orward to, get out of your lazy state and start your beautiful day. The idea is that you start the day off feeling great and that should get the ball rolling toward better feelings and increased motivation.

Know that your body is probably asleep, get it out of that state by moving. It is common for people to stay away from any type of exercise, so instead of looking at it as exercise, think of it as a game. Mimic the motions of your active child. If they are running around the house acting crazy, you should run around the house and act crazy. It will get that heart pumping. You can try buying some exercise equipment that will get you into motion. Only buy something that you think will get you to move--think long-term. Anyway, if you find some way to make exercising fun you won't notice the time go by and it won't feel like working out.

Some people can only learn in the ways of hearing something taught to them. Make sure you say what you want done out loud and remind yourself that you are going to get it done--whatever that maybe! Don't knock this method of motivation before you try it. It might sound so silly to talk to yourself to get motivated, but it works. Try it for a week. You will see. Remember if no one else is there to motivate you, who else will be? Sometime you have to find your own personal motivation. So speak yourself into being motivated

Get into gear that will make you motivated. But I am not talking about clothing here. You should always wear the mark of the positive: A smile. This should bring on positive motivation. Know that your brain will be in a negative place if you keep a frown going. Try it and you will see. With a smile you can release endorphins which will make you feel good, which will help you get motivated to accomplish tasks.

You can also try to help motivating others. See someone that is down on their luck and wanting a helping hand. Be life coach for them. This way you will work on someone else's motivation, your motivation and feel good at the same time. You just want to be in a positive state of goal getting as much as possible.

Anyway, consider this to be your motivational training. These were a few ideas for those of you that feel like you have a lack of motivation. I hope they will help you on your journey of attaining short term goals and not to mention those difficult long term goals. Good luck!


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