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Largest US Merger in 2012, Cooper Industries to Eaton Global

Updated on June 7, 2012

The Single Largest U.S. Merger of 2012

With the current economy one of the largest US companies has been bought by an Irish Firm. Cooper Industries has been bought by Eaton Global. Cooper Industries is one the the US largest electical equipment manufacterer. With this merger, Cooper will move its headquarters to Ireland, which will save the company over 160 billion in taxes. The U.S. Congress is looking into an corporate tax overhaul which is spiking some of the largest US Based companies to start searching for opportunities renounce their U.S. corporate citizenship by relocating to Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland or other lower-tax countries. As seen with the merger with Cooper Industies, if you hear of a company searching for a merger to a european corporation, you really should consider buying stock. Through the grape vine it has come out that owners of Cooper Stocks will get a great deal, where they will be paid approximately $40 per share, and also receive 78% of a share of Eaton Global again for each share of Cooper owned.


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