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Law Office Website Design: Did You Remember the Search Engines?

Updated on July 26, 2013
Law Office Website Design
Law Office Website Design | Source

Does your law office have a professionally designed website which clearly shows the legal services you offer, and is so visually persuasive that visitors are clamoring to call you up to arrange a meeting? If so, congratulations are in order. But how do potential clients find your website in the first place? Many people seeking legal representation will search for a suitable lawyer on the internet. And even the best looking and most convincing website in the world isn’t worth a jot if it’s never picked up by the search engines.

If your law office website is a no-show in the search engine results, it sounds like the website design company you hired focused on the visuals of the website but overlooked the search engine optimization (SEO). This isn’t uncommon: graphic designers are visually creative creatures whereas SEO experts work with words to get good ranking for your website. Hence the best website development companies are those that offer both services in equal measures.

If your website isn’t ranking highly, all is not lost. You need to get some SEO experts on board quickly to ensure that you maximize new prospects coming your way. SEO professionals will get into the mindset of your target market and define the kinds of keywords your clients would use to search the internet for a lawyer. Someone in the midst of matrimonial breakdown is likely to search for ‘divorce lawyer’. If they’re a little more switched on, they may type ‘successful divorce lawyer’ into the search engine of their choice. Then only those law office websites who have been canny enough to include ‘successful’ in their SEO strategy will appear at the top of the results.

Simply put, SEO is all about the careful placement of keywords within a website to flag it to the search engines. SEO experts can place appropriate keywords in all the right places in your website and will do so at the right keyword density. Over enthusiastic use of keywords in an attempt to persuade the search engines to rank it highly also goes by the delightful term of keyword stuffing. The major search engines feel this is so sneaky and unethical that they will penalize websites that use this trick – they may go so far as to ban them, either temporarily or permanently, from the search results.

Good SEO experts also know that quality content rules supreme – the regular updates to the search engine algorithms, which dictate the rankings, indicate that quality websites are the ones to rank well. The clearest message coming from Google and the other big search engines is that ‘Content is King’. Search engines simply want to offer up only the most relevant, high quality websites in response to any given search. This is why keyword stuffing is frowned upon – it creates website content which is an awkward read for the audience and often grammatically strained.

Only well written and grammatically correct websites have a chance of appearing on the coveted page one of the search engine results - and only those with great SEO will achieve it.

If you are delighted with your law office website in looks but don’t seem to get many new prospects coming your way, it’s important to review your SEO strategy. Call in the SEO professionals and let them use their skills to help you to get more new leads – but firstly check out Google’s advice on how to choose a reputable SEO company – unfortunately some promise the earth but will never be able to deliver.

Note: The website images shown in this article are examples of well designed law office websites. We are not suggesting that any of these are not highly search engine optimized.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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