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Law of Attraction - The Secret Formula for Attracting Abundance in Your Life.

Updated on May 20, 2013

Attracting abundance

Did you watch the movie “The Secret”? If you watched, you repeated your positive thoughts, but realized that they do not occur in reality? Why does this happen? This article aims to show you a powerful formula that you can apply to be attracting abundance. When you declare your intention to the universe, these are the following key components:

1) Contents of Your Intention

It refers to things you want. For example, you may want a bigger house, a bigger car, a happy relationship, get rid of accounts, an increase of salary, etc. The wish list can extend much more.

There is no limit to what you want. The universe does not discriminate. He does not say that because you're not smart, you do not deserve more money. And the universe does not say that if you are not pretty you do not deserve to find a soul mate and enjoy a loving relationship.

Whatever you want, you should put your intentions ahead. Note that you must quantify your intention. For example, if you're asking for money, establish how much money you want and when you want to achieve this.

2) The energy you bring to your intention.

The law of attraction is only the secondary law. The first law is the law of vibration. Understand this factor properly and you will have a powerful intention.

What is the connection between law of attraction with energy?

In the universe everything is made of energy. Energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Things are attracted to each other when they vibrate at the same frequency. This is why intelligent people are attracted to each other.

In laic terms, energy can be described as feelings. If you feeling good, then you are releasing positive energy. These good feelings can be love, happiness, peace, enthusiasm, etc.

On the other hand, if you feel bad you are releasing negative energy. Fear, frustration, jealousy, hopelessness are signs of negative energy.

Here is the key point. If you are having negative energy, you will not enjoy the abundance, even if you're reading your intentions statements twice a day. Why is this so?

You need action to achieve your intention. The action takes place not just because you're thinking about it two times a day. The action comes to you when you're feeling great to do something.

How many times do you visit your gym just because you want to lose some weight? Initially, you exercise regularly. But when your enthusiasm “dies”, you find yourself doing other things than go to the gym regularly?

Yes, positive thoughts are the starting point to achieve more in life. But only the actions will allow the positive thoughts to manifest.

The ingredient that is missing between positive thoughts and actions is the level of energy that you can bring to your thoughts.

If positive energy is present and can be maintained, then one doesn´t need to be a scientist to know that you have the ability to express your intention into reality using the law of attraction.

Remember this formula, which will take you to your success:

Thoughts + Emotions = Abundance


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