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Lawyer Review Sites

Updated on August 27, 2013


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List Of Some Popular Lawyer Review Sites

A Bit Of Background

Lawyer review sites have become quite popular in the United States but are only just catching on in Australia. It is a wonder they haven't caught on earlier here in Australia where every other service and product available seems to get reviewed. While the larger review companies do allow you to post lawyer reviews they seem to be few and spread out over a lot of sites. I believe it is high time that a profession that charges such high hourly rates is put under a little bit more scrutiny.

It is so hard to find independent information about lawyers if you are interested in doing a bit of research. I also can't understand why as a lawyer you would be worried about people leaving reviews unless of course you weren't doing a very good job. I believe that these review sites focusing on lawyers will continue to grow and become more popular. By serving just one service like lawyers these sites are much better positioned to collect a larger amount of reviews in the one spot. This will enable consumers to be more discerning about who they hire first time around rather then spending a fortune with the trail and error method. If you have ever used a lawyer you should jump on a review site and leave a review. The more we as a society do this the more lawyers will have to look at their business model and adapt.

If I was a lawyer I would want to jump on board and start sending happy customers to these sites to build a reputation. You have to be proactive in these circumstances as unhappy customers are 10 times more likely to leave a review than a happy customer. So if you aren't proactive in your approach you will end up with a ratio of 10 bad reviews to every good review. It just doesn't make good business sense to fight the tide that is coming. Remember angry customers have the world wide web at their fingertips and quite easily influence 1000s of people without much thought.

Currently in Australia the term "lawyer review" is typed into Google 880 times a month and the term "lawyer reviews" is typed in 480 times a month. But globally these keywords are typed into Google a combined 73,600 times a month. So websites focusing on this niche are likely to become very popular.

Some lawyers have filed law suits against some USA lawyer review sites. This has put off some people from leaving reviews. But every one is entitles to their honest opinion or view. Both is Australian and the USA an organization called Electronic Frontiers is helping to keep free speech alive online.Check out these organizations and become a member is you would like to protect free speech online.

To protect yourself the best thing to do is always start off your review with the words "In my opinion.....". This way you will always be protected.

Below is an extract from the Australian Defamation Fact Sheet;

"Honest opinion: The defence of honest opinion requires; the defamatory materials to be a subject matter of public interest, a comment rather than a statement of fact which is based on true or privileged statements of facts and, fairness in the sense of being made honestly by a person who did not believe the statements to be untrue and was not otherwise actuated by malice. however, this defence cannot be defeated only on the basis of malice, ill will or spite, provided those opinions are honestly made. The defence does not require that the comment be reasonable. If the opinion is honestly held, it may be exaggerated or prejudices or accompanied by malice."

More information can be found by searching online for the good people at Electronic Frontiers Australia or the USA.

In the end lawyers are like any other business offering a service or product and should be held up to at least the same standards of scrutiny.

Lawyers that try and fight this new reality of the online world will end up very unhappy.

Good Practice When Leaving A Review

When posting reviews on websites whether they are lawyer review sites or any other type of review site it is good practice to follow some guidelines.

  • Don't write comments that contain content that is deliberately hostile, insulting, provocative, or bigoted.
  • Don't make personal attacks about another person. Be subjective and keep it about their work.
  • Don't make accusations that are unsupported by specific facts. Just remember your opinion is yours and you just need to state this in your review. The best way to protect yourself from committing defamation is to simply start of by saying "In my opinion......."
  • Don't post reviews of lawyers or any businesses that you haven't used.
  • Also don't review your own product or service. You would be surprised how often this happens.

Remember the more honest you are the more useful other people will find your review. Most of the review sites already have rules regarding these guidelines or similar and will remove reviews or comments that don't meet these standards. Remember by being constructive you may just help the business or person to change their behavior for the better. As well as helping out another person find a good lawyer that can help them with their case or legal issue.

Opportunity For Lawyers

This is such a good time as a lawyer to take control of your reputation especially your online reputation. By having a good website where potential customers and existing customers can go.

You can start to direct people to leave reviews on review websites and to also send in testimonials for you to publish on your website. For very little outlay you can start to create a constant stream of customers and also keep existing clients.

By following up with clients and finding out what they thought of your service you can be constantly improving your offering and also showing them that you care about their business.

Below is a video testimonial an Australian lawyer has on YouTube. I think this a great idea if someone leaves you a really good testimonial you could ask them if you could video it for use online. People online love watching videos plus it gives your business an edge. This one is a very polished one but I think that the ones that are just recorded on a webcam or basic camcorder work the best. As they come across as being more genuine.

Example Of Video Testimonial


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      While the larger review companies do allow you to post lawyer reviews they seem to.