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Lead Generating Optimization Tips for Your Website

Updated on February 5, 2018

Lead Generating Optimization Tips for Your Website

In spite of all the social media out there, your website is still the number one way of generating leads. But, to generate leads on a regular basis you must start thinking of your website as a lead generating money magnet and not just a brochure about your business. To generate leads on a regular basis you need to bring in targeted traffic, develop an extraordinary landing page, offer visitors something of value, and then follow up.

Bring in Targeted Traffic

The only way to bring in targeted traffic is to do the research necessary to understand who your audience is, and how they choose to purchase. Use many different means to get more people to your website such as social media, blog posts, video, contests, pay per click advertising and more. Ensure that your efforts are focused on your target audience addressing their pain points and showing how you might solve them.

Develop an Extraordinary Landing Page

You can bring in all the traffic you want to but if your landing pages are not effective and made with the audience in mind from where they are coming, you will probably lose more of them than you need to. Create more than one landing page to your website that is directly focused on the portion of the audience that clicked in a certain place to visit your site. For instance, the link to the landing page on a guest blog post on ABC blog should be just for people visiting from ABC blog.

Offer Something of Value

You've heard about giving away free things before but you must do it in a much more focused fashion than you might image. You don't want to give away just anything for free. You want to choose something that only your target audience would want. After all, if you're giving away a free iPad, you will get thousands of visitors and sign ups, but you might have zero who are really your target audience and the entire campaign will be a wasted expense.

Run Retargeting Advertisements

If you have site visitors who don't sign up for your email list, you need to do something else to attract them, such as paying for retargeting advertising. This means that you can run an advertisement on Facebook, for instance, that will only show up to people who have previously visited your website. This is a very effective and powerful way to bring people back to your website so that you have a second chance.

Finally, the most important part of getting more leads is to follow up. When you do get a lead, you want to make the lead pay off. Following up is the only way to turn the lead into a money generator. It costs time and money to capture that lead, don't waste the effort on getting the leads if you're not going to have a plan in place to convert those leads into money makers.


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