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Leader and leadership skills

Updated on July 14, 2011

I suppose, all of us want to live better, have a better education, better job, decent home to live in. Still, few of us know how to achieve that and mostly what we try to do is copy other more successful people, having some leader or leadership skills. We think, that by doing this, we will eventually become like them and finally will gain respect, recognition and success in our indistinguishable lives. Sometimes we become like them, but very often we fail. We fail, because we are not like them, we lack some characteristics, because we are different.

It may be hard to think that you have some leader skills due to a few things:
1. There is always a person that knows something better than you.
2. There will always be persons who have more leader charisma – they are more thriving, pushy, influential, inspirational, more showing off and successfully drawing much more attention.
3. Leaders are thought as strong willed, charismatic persons who even change history – whether it is social, economical, art or whatever field.

So now what?

So now what? If most of us lack those leadership skills, do we have to forget our dreams and stick to the flow of our ordinary lives? No, of course not. We don’t have to change history to be leaders. It doesn’t matter how small and modest we might be – we all have some kind of leader talent, which must be developed. Prove it – you might say.


I believe everybody experienced the kind of situation, where people listened to your opinion, despite your position at your job or family. You could be an average computer software technician in a company, but if your bosses were discussing the question about buying the IT software, they would probably invite you to share your opinion and would listen to you. Why – because you know this stuff better – you are a specialist of that field, that’s why.
Weren’t you leading them at that moment? Yes you were. How did it fell? Oh, yeah, that was great. You felt as if you were one of them – someone important and respectable. You were enthusiastic about your ideas. Your opinion to them was important and they respected it.
You may call it informal leadership.

You must identify what kind of leader skills you have, in other words, what kind of leader are you.

Do you have emotional leadership qualities?

Enthusiastic, full of ideas, along with hysterical and jumpy side effects. If your philosophy is “get into the fight, and later I will think which side I am on” – congratulations! Your forte is your thrive, your energy and enthusiasm. When you present the idea of robbing a bank, your colleagues find it hard to resist putting on the robbery masks. They will follow you, not because you pay the most – it’s just because you are able to motivate them for the sake of the idea itself. Such kind of leader skills is irreplaceable when starting new projects.

There are also side effects, like I mentioned before – they burn out quite quickly, take too much responsibility and work extremely hard in the beginning, but often cannot cope with the work load and get exhausted over time. They see a process as a hole, but it is difficult for them to analyze the details that usually make up the whole process. I can see myself in that! I am so thrilled with the Hub pages idea, I hardly can sleep at nights. I told my friends about that, and guess what – they are into it too. I see some fields, where my advice could help others and it is pretty exciting to know that. However, when it comes to back linking, quality content and keywords research – all the small stuff – it’s hard to even select the priority of work.

The best solutions to avoid such an awkward situation is:
1. Controlling ones actions and temper. No matter how much you want to take action right now – just plan your resources, results and time to finish what you’re up to. Consult your friends or colleagues, study your venture plan and then start doing it step by step.
2. Good coordinator and organizer working by your side is invaluable. He could be the key to realizing your crazy ideas.

Coordinator quality

Coordinator quality also corresponds to leader skills. People good at organizing are the masters of logics and reason. Opposite to the emotional leaders they actions are stronger than words. They have the ability to choose the right people for the job, they process management is impeccable; they have no emotional breakdowns, whatsoever. They are almost perfect! Yeah…almost.
Their weakness is they cannot inspire and motivate people enough. Nobody would follow them to rob a bank, simply because they would never do that. Why rob a bank, when you can invest your money in a stock market and have the same result without any risk. Inspiration and feeling of usefulness is like a fuel to employees or subordinates and this part is often neglected by a coordinator. People are just a means to achieve a result – and this attitude usually destroys every initiative from partners.
Drama courses or attending theatre might help to develop emotional leader skills. Find some activity (realizing your childhood dream) that is interesting emotionally – the passion usually steps in.

"Master Yoda" skill

Another feature which identifies a leader I would call “Master Yoda” skill.
This last skill may be rare, but the ones that have it are the best. They posses both – the enthusiasm and energy along with rational thinking and organizational abilities. They are able to inspire people and to organize the process. They have the ability to solve problems in a flexible and diplomatic way which keeps everyone happy – the worker and the boss. If you possess both qualities – I would surely like to work with you.


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    • Tomygun profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Vilnius

      Thank you, chukseasy. It required quite an effort and took a long time to write it.

    • chukseasy profile image


      7 years ago

      wonderful hub there!


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