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Leadership in Society

Updated on April 7, 2011


Leadership in society has dissipated over the past hundred years. How could this have happened? People and society change. Sadly ours has changed for the worst. We no longer look up to people in power, we fear and dislike them. We have forgotten how to respect someone for what they have done. What qualities does a leader have? If only people could remember.

The next generation will only suffer more. If we have forgotten how a leader acts now, what will they respect later?

Leadership Qualities


A leader remains loyal to their friends and family. They will not talk bad about someone they are close to, or a person they have just met. They see others as people with feelings, emotions, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Leaders respect those emotions and beliefs and act upon them. They will not talk poorly about their allies and they will respect their enemies opinions.


Eperson has a part of honor. They look up to and honor others with the respect they deserve. You respect and honor leaders and hero's. Followers honor leaders as they should be respected and valued. Yet even leader's honor others, followers or not. They honor the values of people, their beliefs. Everyone's boundaries are respected.


Leaders are responsible for their actions and the actions of those under them. If a leader makes a mistake or chooses the wrong path for the followers, a true leader will admit that they have done wrong and will ask to be forgiven. Since a good leader has devoted followers, he will be forgiven. Also if one of his followers falls astray and does something wrong, he will take responsibility for the followers actions and be punished in his place.


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