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Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Updated on August 31, 2010

Hi guys, just want to share with you all this interesting video clip from Youtube. What started as lone dancer having fun at music festival turns into dance festival.

Starting of video clip you will find a lone dancer, dancing freely.

You'll think he is nut and most probably most of the crowd at the place also think him as a nut.

But once he got some folks joining his silly dance, the perception could be more nuts have join the party.

But when the crowd start to follow the silly dance. All the people there will think it's the most coolest dance party in the whole world.

So, what leadership lessons we can learn from this cool guy.

  1. Have some thick skin if you want to become a leader.
  2. Don't be afraid to propose your crazy ideas or make changes to improve the situatian
  3. Have some patience till you get some followers.
  4. Keep on dancing to pull more crowds
  5. And learn to have some fun while being a leader.

Watch the funny video below :)


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