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Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton - short comments

Updated on December 10, 2011

Leadership Secrets

These days, I have been reading “Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton” written by Rebecca Shambaugh, which is a faumous expert in the leadership field.

The writer choose to write about Hillary Clinton because she is one of the most important personailities of contemporane world. Also she has an important role in the politique.

Besides this, Hillary Clinton is:

ல The first among First Ladies, that cadidates and become senator of US

ல First woman – senator of New York

ல First woman that had real chances to become the president of US

ல First ex First Lady which works in the office of President of US

After all these facts, what will be the secrets of this lady. Lets see….

For this you have first to read this book, which I readed in two days….its very easy to read.

So the main leadership secrets of Hillary Clinton are:

ல Keeping your optimism and principles in the hard periods of your life

ல Create an personal image of yourself, with which people will want to associate

ல Adapte yourself at changes and keep your authenticity and goal in life

ல Communicate efficiently, inspire others, specially in difficult times

ல Make relations and expand your network

ல Inspire others hope, tenacity and faith.


Change is the only stable thing in life...

Also each chapter of the book has 5 secrets described simply. For example, chapter 5 – how to accept the change – has the following five secrets:

1. Identify the human factor of the change

2. Never be against the given chance – be with one step forward the change

3. Concentrate yourself on the things that you can control, establish your expectations with realism

4. Create a vision of future and communicate it to the others

5. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

More details about the secrets you will find in each chapter. Also there are many usefull advices and questions.

Enjoy the book!


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