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Leaders Impact the Mission

Updated on November 30, 2014

Being a leader is a complex role that comes with great responsibility. Understanding that when one takes on this role the individual must realize he or she will be held accountable for their actions. The actions of a leader not only impacts the agency, but also the employees around them. A leader has to consider factors such as ethical issues, the individual and the organization’s best interest.

Leaders are the one to define the work environment in order to achieve the goals, mission, and better serve the customers. A successful leader brings value and success to an organization in order to help the organization thrive. To accomplish goals and take action one needs to be able to understand their behavioral style and actions.


Leadership Style

Leadership style is what makes or breaks an agency. Many leaders bring true value to an organization, while others can bring destruction. Effective leaders allow for individuals to grow and the agency to grow to meet the needs of the agency as well as their consumers. There are different leadership theories or models that express different leadership techniques utilized in different settings.

In my opinion a leader must first understand that their actions have a direct impact on the organization, people, outcomes, outputs, productivity, and performance. Also, one’s leadership preference can be based on innate and environmental factors. I find that for myself, I have worked in many environments where teamwork is important. Due to my life experiences I have adopted the motto, “It takes a team to raise an organization to new heights”.

As a leader, it is critical to engage your people and involve employees in the decision-making and implementation process this can show that a leader respects his or her employees’ opinions and is able to embrace ideas fothers. A group process can allow for individuals to feel appreciated when being involved and being heard while addressing key issues and having an impact on society. I find that transformational and shared leadership theory can go hand in hand. To use an example of these two leadership styles, I think about the multiple times I have participated in a workgroup for major projects to improve services for the veteran population. Workgroups allow for individuals to discuss and share ideas in order to resolve solutions. In working with others, it allows for a leader to bring fresh and/or different perspectives to the table to achieve a common goal and impact others.

In order to accomplish goals and take action one needs to be able to simultaneously lead by example and be a team player. It does not matter who gets the job done and who takes credit, as long as it is done. Team efforts allow leaders to build relationships and empowering employees By empowering followers, this can lead to transformation.


How to Lead through Strategy

Developing strategies to deal with the various challenges is a key component of effectively managing one’s people. By effectively developing those types of skills allows for a leader to engage and connect with his or her employees. Positive contributions leads to positive change and outcomes that affect the longevity and well being of an organization.

Keep in mind to not put that same pressure or expectation on employees as you do for yourself. It is important to keep an open my mind and ask for constructive feedback from employees, because it is a two way street. Continuous feedback from peers, subordinates, and superiors is very important. Understanding that all might not agree with your leadership style, but if your employees know you are only wanting the best for the organization and employees, then you can easily win them over!

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What is Your Leadership Style?

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