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Leadership and Management: strength and weakness of manager

Updated on March 9, 2011
Management is not a bed of roses and it needs one should be professionally sound. Good Manager is not only an asset for his company but also beneficial for subordinates. While poor or weak management become headache for all. So it needs to know proper understanding what his position demands.

Strength And Weakness

Leaders need vision, energy, authority, and a natural strategic ability. But those things don't necessarily help you inspire your employees to be their best and commit to you as a leader.

Below are five good management characteristics:

  1. Delegation of responsibilities. Some managers are too hands-on when it comes to managing their staff. This kind of manager usually performs part of the job and leaves the problem to his subordinates for them to solve. A good way to delegate duties is to let your people complete their work and refrain from doing their jobs for them. Interfering with their jobs means you do not trust their work. As a manager, it is your responsibility to develop the skills of your people so they can become future managers like you.
  2. Support to his subordinates. Employees are expected to encounter daily problems as they perform their work. It is the responsibility of their manager to help them get around in solving these problems. However, managers must teach their staff to solve their crisis especially if it is within their level. Do not let your staff make you the go-to-person even on petty things. Do not allow them to make you their nanny and require you to solve their booboos.
  3. Gives credit. Bad managers not only steal ideas from their staff but also demand credit for. It is a mistake for managers to feel threatened when his staff show superlative performance. In fact, credit will be given to the manager every time their staff perform effectively and efficiently. In short, a confident manager knows how to recognize performing staff and credits their outstanding work all the time.
  4. A good manager is not assertive. Ideally, a good manager should look at his staff as business partners because they are your soldiers that will help you accomplish your management goals. Therefore, you must listen to their suggestions (or even complaints) and agree with it if acceptable.
  5. A good manager treats his staff equally. Treat your staff as if they are your own children. They have different personalities and different talents. Some of them are performers and some of them may be the black sheep of the team. You cannot hand-pick the performers and disregard the lazybones. Whatever the type of species they may have, your job as their manager is to utilized their skills and put their talents on the right perspective.

Whereas one should the mistakes which usually managers do. These are Six Big Mistakes of Managers:

  1. Lack of communication: In any industry, at any level, communication is key to being a successful manager. Employees need to know what is expected of them and when specific projects or tasks need to be completed. Communication needs to be clear, and any questions that arise need to be answered.
  2. Favoritism: Once a manager has obvious favorites, he or she loses credibility and the respect of the rest of the team.
  3. Just do it: The Nike slogan does not work when employees are trying to gain an understanding of the process or project. Rather than expecting your team to simply work blindly on tasks they do not understand, a good manager takes the time to explain what the project is all about and how the team’s work is incorporated into the plan. Remember, the more the team is invested in a project, the better the results will be.
  4. Never change: In a rapidly changing business environment, not being open to change can be a major mistake. While you may stick to tried-and-true methods in some areas, you should consider and weigh the value of change in others. Above all, be flexible.
  5. Failing to hear what your employees have to say: Managers make the mistake of listening but not always hearing what their employees are saying. To manage effectively, you need to understand the needs and concerns of your employees.
  6. Too much technology: A new breed of managers are more tech-savvy than they are comfortable handling and managing people. Embracing technology is a key to success in the modern office environment, but not at the risk of embracing people skills. Do not hide behind e-mails and other technology.

Principles of a corporate life

There are four principles of a corporate life which can also be related in achieving goals of one's life:

1. First decide what you really want to do in a given project.

2. Hire the best people to achieve that objective.

3. Set out your priorities.

4. Start striving to achieve the results even if the rate of progress is very slow. If you are convinced that you have moved an inch to achieve your goal, you will never fail.


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