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Leadership is a way of life

Updated on December 23, 2009

Leadership is a way of life

great and true leaders are known for being fair, just and above all loyal to a noble cause. they are ferocious and caring, encouraging and intimidating and can sometimes come across as a hard bunch.

what makes them leaders? the love, admiration and the loyalty of their followers. the followers who choose to follow and believe in the leaders way of life or vision.

leadership is not something you demonstrate on the field or in the boardroom, it is simply a matter of choosing your actions for every single task that you perform everyday, daily.

leadership is required in all spheres of life and people who are committed, moral, just and industrious are all these things not just at work, but with the families, the community, the country and the planet at large.

the following according to me can make you a true leader and make leadership a way of life for you:

1. Trust

trust yourself, the people around you and create small moments for everyone to value each other.

2. Just

Always be fair in all your dealings. Be transparent and discuss your reasons if required.

3. Values

Create and adhere to your core values. You value systems should be able to help/guide you in difficult situation and times.

4. Teach

always take an active interest in teaching someone else things you know. when the collective conscious goes up, you will be acknowledged.

5. Communicate

talk, share, demonstrate, discuss, do whatever it takes to communicate with the people around you.

Start with these and I assure the leader in you will be visible at all times.


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