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Leadership training video myths

Updated on May 8, 2012

10 mistakes HR trainers make using business training videos

Stay away from the mistakes some leadership development trainers have made when it comes to video trainings. We're listing these actual statements to help other career development trainers and HR folks who have to decide the best way to train and develop their executives and peak performers.

  1. Leadership training videos consume too much time: One Fortune 500 overseer of coaching simply asserted this. Assuming we’re under forty plus spent your childhood years browsing online videos,he might not be engaging us. Video clip lessons could certainly be quick, less than 5 minutes in length, and ideal with regard to backing up a learning idea in a very visual, emotive style.
  2. Business training video may very well be distracting: As with implementing any type of new media, you want a primary focus and also have a story line. Just like developing a TV news program, a good solid management competencies training ideally includes several criteria: articles, dvd, in-person and even web interaction aimed at an education result.
  3. Videos don’t supply many details: The truth is leaders video trainings and harassment video DVD courses present lots of information because they come preloaded with Leader’s Directions coupled with PowerPoint’s that teachers are able to use and / or mold for their own classes. This helps save training organisations major time and money.
  4. Off-the-shelf trainings are too standard: In some cases this can be accurate if you are endeavoring to instruct the way you use a forklift or another "hard" or specific skill-set. On the other hand, in the event you are teaching key communication, attitude, team building skills, so-called “soft skills”, off-the-shelf leadership on-line video trainings can aid greatly in showing good leadership skills from market leaders who have outlasted the test of time. Take into account a video clip on Jack Welch together with Stephen Covey and even Marshall Goldsmith. Many of these dvds jump start new trainings or renew existing trainings.
  5. Business training video clips cost too much: If a trainer calculates the cost involved with actually generating his or her own movie clips, they would see business training video clip lessons cost far less. Calculate the earnings of staff members needed to crank out short clips as well as edit each of them. Besides that, consider the fact that workers won’t have enough time to undertake other projects or duties. Coaches also lower their expenses from not needing to create a new training program from scratch.
  6. You don’t need a professional instructor if you have management training videos: Our valued clients display our management plus harassment dvd courses to their office personnel in their entirety as well as by section. They use the videos as part of an in-classroom training with an instructor who can answer questions and tailor-make the training to the company's needs. In reality, short clips joined with in class room training session increase retention rates from viewing and listening to (50%) to as much as 70-90%, according to the Dept. of the Navy.
  7. Youtube Videos perform correctly: Some might but there was a specific trainer who told us that an advertisement popped up in the middle of showing her video. Imagine the look on the faces of the employees in the room. The woman stated it harmed her credibility teaching that program as well as the insurance company that was viewed as too cheap to invest in its leadership training classes.
  8. The on-camera talent in the videos doesn't dress like the the participants within the class: One particular consultant didn’t wish to use a relevant video learning because the announcer was wearing a jacket and their own managers didn’t wear jackets. That’s just like saying you refus to learn from a tutor or newscaster because they wear a jacket and you don’t. Don’t get preoccupied with the peripherals; if the content in addition to the particular communication resonate, that's the best route to take for leadership training.
  9. Leadership training videos aren’t a necessity (In truth, leadership education isn’t critical): We really were told this by a instructor at a top university educating Master of business administration students. He said, young people coming from China and India wished to read and learn about math and science and that the actual emotional intelligence skillset didn’t matter. He truly believed those critical skills mattered nonetheless the university wasn’t drawn to offering these types of courses. Explain that to the establishments numerous years down the road which wind up being required to tutor those key professional abilities or perhaps relegate the former graduates to the back room because of their poor relationship or people skills.
  10. We don’t have time for these “feel good” courses: Here’s some hard details for the skeptics. As outlined by PricewaterhouseCoopers in a recent study, Millennials prefer future improvement training about three:1 more than getting a bonus. 58% say that they will leave a company if they don’t experience this particular type of career development.

For companies that offer major capabilities or "soft skills" trainings, Bersin research of 500 HR executives found they outperformed competing firms. Of those firms with repeated management effectiveness training, 81 percent had substantial business success and none found below-average company performance. Only thirty-five per cent of companies with little management and leadership training experienced good business success.


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