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Leaflet distribution jobs

Updated on August 6, 2012

In today’s marketplace, publicizing is an important part of business promotion. Different business owners practice several versatile advertisement techniques for their business promotion. These commercial techniques mainly vary on the basis of their targeted audience. It may depend upon number of targeted audience and focus on targeted people regardless of their number. Leaflet distribution is also a kind of marketing practice. It is more popular in in areas where direct contact with demographics is important. Audiences are targeted in leaflet distribution. Leaflet distribution jobs are provided by several employers and theses jobs are assigned according to employees’ availability and their residential areas.

In leaflet distribution jobs people distribute pamphlets to targeted areas. This distribution could be door to or of the form of a centralized distribution point. Another way of leaflet distribution is known as street marketing. Door to door distribution is most effective way of leaflet marketing. Centralized distribution points are generally established at populated or public places. It is an easy way of communication but it only focuses to very specific audience for example in a super market, or in a university etc. Street marketing is less effective form of door to door distribution and instead of providing pamphlets door to door they are distributed in streets.

Income in leaflet distribution jobs vary according to distribution ways. They are three popular ways of leaflet distribution. First is known as solo leaflet distribution. In this procedure, single leaflet is distributed through any of distribution methods that are; door to door or street marketing. It is the most effective way of distribution but it costs more. Payment in this sort of leaflet distribution jobs is more than other formats. Other way is shared or generalized leaflet distribution. Here, more than one leaflet is distributed jointly. It is less effective than solo distribution but it costs less also. The third and cheapest way of distribution is news shared distribution where leaflets are distributed with local newspapers. This sort of distribution is almost free of cost but least effective as compared to other distribution methods. All these leaflet distribution jobs pay according to their distribution effectiveness. More is the payment for more effective method.

Leaflet distribution is used for several purposes. Mostly it is used in political campaigns during election days. It is also used for commercial marketing and recruitment processes. Generally, armed forces use door to door distribution for their recruitment. Another way of using leaflet distribution, which is very less common but had been used in past, is anti-government campaigns. These anti authority distributions focus on psychological combat. A technique used in past is known as airborne leaflet propaganda. Leaflet distribution jobs are more common in summer for part time workers and students.

Generally for leaflet distribution jobs certain skills are required. Employer may demand;

§ Some sort of previous experience in this field

§ Disciplinary and organizational habits of distributors

§ Effective communication skills

§ Reliability and honest working method

§ Some sort of personnel conveyance and communication method, like cell phone

§ A personnel bank account

§ References


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