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"Dazzle and Grow Your Readership Numbers In Only 30 Seconds: TV Gold Commercials Provide The Way"

Updated on November 24, 2013

Copywriting 101

According to a recent CBS poll, 87% of the entire American population believe their economy is in severe recession . . . and quickly headed for another Great Depression.

Gold sellers and buyers are cashing in on these reports as never before.

A magnified evaluation of why the precious metals market is exploding makes perfect fodder for selling ANY product or service.

There's a good reason one sees so many television commercials based on 'cash for gold' and 'buy gold now'. The art of successful copywriting is all about satisfying human emotion, because people buy what they want; not what they need.

The emotional winds of fear are blowing like a hurricane across America and people are proving the point that FEAR SELLS GOLD!

The basic copywriting law of selling any product or service is based on providing a perceived emotional payoff.

In plainer English, retailers are supplying the elimination of FEAR . . . NOT a product. The product simply represents the emotional payoff. In this case, owning gold prevents a very strong, and adverse emotion.

The Emotional Rewards

What emotions do these types of companies target in their television advertising?

FEAR - Most precious metals commercials open with terrifying statistics concerning America's sinking GDP and its mounting debt. This information is juxtaposed against imagery of riots in the streets, long lines at the unemployment office or signs showing homes with 'For Sale' signs littering front yards. Instantaneously, the commercial reveals a nightmare, instilling anxiety within the viewer . . . VERY effective!

GREED - More than one retailer uses graphs and charts portraying the spectacular price tag increase within the past decade. Investors love to see constant gains, and the emotion of greed takes hold very swiftly.

PRIDE AND LUST - Another company uses a retired movie and TV star to be the spokesperson. This celebrity says, "I just love the feel of gold," as he sits on a horse overlooking his 50 acre ranch home. This ploy makes an investor feel intense pride and lust as he or she pictures the grand delight associated with leading the same lifestyle.

SECURITY - This is THE emotion companies play on. The TV commercial will either hint at a future economic disaster, or bluntly state the meltdown IS coming, so be protected, feel safe and secure with a solid investment . . . and that would be
G-O-L-D, of course.

Using the Golden Approach in Online Sales Copywriting

Observe any TV commercial advertising any precious metal and pay attention to the virtuoso copywriting . These advertising retailers:

1. Have a defined objective.

2. Have researched and targeted potential customers.

3. Are intimately familiar with the product or service.

4. Gently guide the viewer down a road leading to an emotional reward.

DEFINED OBJECTIVE - This one is fairly obvious. The objective is to sell or buy a good or service. This may appear to be an unnecessary step, but if you don't know what you want, neither will your viewing or reading audiences.

DEMOGRAPHICS - Know your audience. You can bet the farm these precious metal companies research TV station programming finding suitable time slots to air their specific commercial. Accessible data generates audience age groups, buying habits, income, geographic location . . . much more.

KNOWING THE PRODUCT - Many times, the company CEO is the spokesperson since he knows the markets and the company. He cites every important statistic reinforced alongside on-screen graphics. This type of spot also uses verifiable testimonies - a very powerful sales tool.

TV Gold=Sold

The product is unimportant as it applies to online or offline sales copywriting. The many gold television commercials now seen so often use the emotional payoff masterfully, and the same blueprint I presented works whether you are selling a website design service or a restored car on eBay.

Watch for these television commercials . . . they are often shown.

• Take mental notes.

• Use their techniques.

• Count the number of emotions they are tapping.

Finally, USE this information on your website or blog and watch your sales numbers climb.



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    • copywriter31 profile image

      James Ranka 5 years ago from Port Neches

      Thanks again, Sheri. 4 years ago I knew nothing of SEO, Google algorithms or keywords/keyphrases. I had a strong desire to learn, and through INTENSIVE self-study learned these necessary keys to success. You're correct: I honestly believe I know enough about these subjects to conduct some form of educational, online course(s). I 'm trying to say that success never comes overnight. Success and knowledge take time, and you can achieve more than I have - just hang in there, NEVER give up and don't be afraid to ask. Thanks again for your kind comment, and I wish you huge success here on HubPages.

    • Sheri Faye profile image

      Sheri Dusseault 5 years ago from Chemainus. BC, Canada

      You should put on an online marketing course...I would take it! lol

    • copywriter31 profile image

      James Ranka 5 years ago from Port Neches

      Thanks much, ubaidh86!