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How to Make A Candle at Home

Updated on May 27, 2013

There are many instances in your life that are opportunities to make a little extra cash. You may have a talent in creating, singing, or organizing. In this day of turbulent times associated with the economy and a lot of people losing their jobs it is good to have some kind of back up opportunity. One way this can be done is if you have a creative streak. Candles are always a hot commodity and are a great way to make some extra income. With a little determination ill show you how to make them and sell them yourself.

Some projects that we start give us a great sense of pride and creativity. Creating unique and inspirational candles can be one of them. The idea is so simple that you can make them in your very own kitchen. If you have a dedicated workspace for undergoing projects like a garage or back yard shed this will work well there as well. You can create candles using a wide variety of thing from natural oils and fragrances but do not limit yourself to just petroleum based candles.

To start making candles I have complied a small list of procedures:

1. The first thing in candle making is to get all of your equipment, essential tools, and crafts together. Start by getting a double boiler, small class container with a lid, thermometer, candle oils, and some food coloring wicks and wax chips. Start by heating the wax in the boiler. You need to get the temperature of the boiler above 160 degrees check it with the thermometer.

2. Once the temperature is accurate you can add the oil that you would like to make the scent of the candle when it is burned. Once you have mixed it well you can add the color of the candle that you choose and adjust the coloring to your desired color. Remember you can always mix colors if you run out like yellow and blue make green.

3. If you are brand new to candle making then it is always best to prepare your molds first. You can choose to use metal or glass containers. If you decide to use a metal mold it is better to choose a metal mode base that is much narrower with a wider top opening. If needed, you can use a small amount of oil to produce the candles out of the container easier.

4. Once you have created the mixture you want to prepare the molds. After you have poured the mixture into the container then let the candles cool for at least 6 hours prior to removing them. If you’re a virgin candle maker then you will notice that parts of the candles may shrink. Just reuse the same mixture you had before by reheating it and then reading it to the candle mold until it is filled up.

5. Finally the last step in candle making is to trim the wick.

There are many ways to make candles and many different materials that you can utilize in your new endeavor. If you are looking for more of a challenge you can always use gel wax. Or if you are looking to experiment you can start by using beeswax for your candle. Also a box of old crayon is sometimes used and they are already colored for you. Learning with materials that are not your actual ones will help you become that much of a better candle maker.

There are numerous ways to hone in your skills of candle making. Just stick with it have the patience and determination and you will be successful. Doing simple projects first and then working your way up to the more difficult ones. As you become more proficient at it the more advanced candles you can make. But, most of all enjoy what you do and have Fun!!!


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  • flutterberry profile image

    flutterberry 6 years ago

    I love DIY's! :) Thanks for the follow :) Great posts! Love it!

  • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

    SEO Expert Kerala 8 years ago from KERALA

    i love candle making