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There is no Better Time to be an Internet Marketer.

Updated on February 14, 2014

Data from Forrester Research, Inc

Forrester Research Inc. Online Sale Estimates

According to Forrester Research Inc, Online Customers in the United States spent $231 billion dollars online in 2012. That number grew 13% in 2013 when sales hit $262 billion. By the year 2017, it is estimated that US consumers will spend a projected $370 billion dollars online!

Now Is the Time to Be an Internet Marketer

If you learn how to be an Internet Marketer you can make either a part-time or full-time income. Whether you want to make an extra $100 dollars per month or make tens of thousands of dollars monthly, there is no better time to become an Internet Marketer than there is now. Thousands of companies want you to market their products or services and many more join this list weekly. Almost any product you can think of can now be purchased online.

To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need a plan of attack that will keep you focused on your goals and help you get to where you want to be. I am a full-time Internet Marketer but when I started 8 years ago, I really didn't know what I was doing. It would have been very beneficial for me to take an Internet Marketing course somewhere but at the time I could not find one. Today, I am happy to help others achieve their Internet Marketing goals.

I have made a lot of mistakes that I have learned from. I now know what works and what doesn't and you can learn a lot and save a lot of time from my mistakes or other marketers that have also endured through their mistakes.

The biggest advice that I can give to new Internet Marketers is to be honest. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Internet Marketers online that market multi-level marketing scams and other unscrupulous programs that make them a lot of money while ripping off the customer. If you do this, frankly I do not want to help you out. And, here is what is going to happen. You are going to sell your rip-offs to the wrong people that will work very hard to label you as a scammer on the internet. These people give all Internet Marketers a bad name and discredit the industry. So, try to learn Internet Marketing from an honest marketer.

In the beginning of my Internet Marketing career, I fell victim to some of these programs. In my attempt to make cash online, I bought into a few money making programs that I should not have. If the program seems to good to be true, it probably is. Also, if the marketer selling the program is pretty secretive about it, it might not be worth your money.

Today, I have found that the best way to be a successful Internet Marketer is to either market your own products honestly or be your own boss and market products that you have tried out and endorse. For example, today a whole bunch of marketers make a ton of money by marketing Clickbank products. The problem is that most of them are marketing products that they have not tried out.

Please don't get me wrong here; I do like a lot of products that Clickbank offers but many of them are not worth my money. I am not the kind of Internet Marketer that markets programs that I have never tried out just to make a buck. I suggest you follow this advice also.

There are thousands of products that you can market and make a percentage of the sale when they sell. If you are into a certain hobby, like collecting trains, you can sell all kinds of train sets,little trees, and everything else that would be by a train set. And, the best part is that you don't need an inventory unless you want to sell your own products.

Internet Marketing is a lucrative career where you operate online and it does not matter if you are in Idaho skiing for a week or so or if you are in the Bahama's snorkeling. You can roam around with your computer and work. Once you set up your websites, the income is chiefly passive and you just have to put in a little time each day.

But you do need to learn how to be an Internet Marketer if you want to enjoy your greatest potential. Some Internet Marketers are fine making perhaps $100 per month on their own without any instruction. However, the marketers that make the most money have learned from other successful marketers and have a plan of attack. They know what to do and they know the methods that can help them achieve their goals.

Is Internet Marketing for You?

1. If you need to make cash fast, Internet Marketing may not be for you. It takes time to build a decent website that attracts visitors and customers. It does not happen within a day or two.

2. You need patience and perseverance to succeed. Sometimes it takes awhile for your website to show up on the search engines and start receiving traffic. You need to know right off the bat that you might not make any money for the first month or two.

3. Internet Marketing will cost you some money. It is not a lot of money but if you want to make a lot of money you do need to spend some. True, you can be a blog marketer for free but a website is going to do much better for you.

4. Take some time to work on your website before paying to advertise it. If people come to an incomplete website they may not be back and you will lose sales.

5. You do want to submit your site to Google as soon as you can. Sometimes it takes 4 to 8 weeks to show up in search engine results. Submit your site and if visitors start showing up early, just state that your website is still under construction and will be finished soon with all kinds of great products.

6. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Start with one website and then expand after your first website is finished and making you some cash.

Internet Marketers

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Take Some Time and Learn Before You Earn

It does take a little while to learn how to be an Internet Marketer. There are beginner's tactics and advanced tactics that will enable you to make a great deal more money. It is well worth it to take the time and learn before just diving into it and trying it yourself. If you do this, you will make plenty of mistakes that will set you back and the mistakes may cost you quite a bit of money.

I wish you good luck as an Internet Marketer and will end by saying this: many people think that Internet Marketing is a scheme to make money easily or a get rich quick scheme. Nothing could be further than the truth. You will have to work to make money but it can be very lucrative. Learn how to do it and give it a try! You might love the lifestyle it affords.


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