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Learn To Take A Vacation Or Leisure Time From Your Workplace

Updated on October 19, 2009

Learn To Take A Vacation Or Leisure Time From The Workplace

I read a lot, and I happen to run across a scary stat. the stat says, that the workers of the 1940's took more leisure time than we do today. We work more hours and take less vacation or leisure time than any other country.

Actually, the U.S. is ranked number #1, for taking the least amount of vacation. I have never believed that the American worker, was a lazy worker, I have always believed that there are some lazy people out there in the workplace, but they do not make up the majority.

When I worked in corporate america, I was a workaholic, and I still have that very same work ethic now. I don't mind working hard, or long hours, cause I will reap the rewards, yet you have to have a balance in your life.

My advice is:

* Whether you have family or not, preplan your vacation

* Never spend your vacation working. When you are on vacation, leave the cell phone in the office 

* Don't even talk about work while you are on vacation

*Do not think or talk about anything stressful, while on vacation

* Leave the local area you work and live in or around. Sometimes it is good just to rent a cabin, go hiking in the mountains, charter a boat, etc

Personally, I love to be on vacation where there is visrtually not any  loud noises, When I'm on vacation,  I do not want to hear any loud distracting noises. So, find yourself a quiet spot

* Last but not least, learn to relax, and return back to your workplace refreshed and energized


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