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Work from home? Write for Business and Get Paid Weekly

Updated on August 15, 2011

If you are a novice online writer who is struggling to make a dollar through the usual advertising programs and dollar an article sites, but you really want to learn how to write for business... you may be interested in a trainee copywriter position.

While income promises are high according to AWAI and other copywriting schools (15 hours/$1500 for a brochure - come on!), and outsourcing sites offer peanuts pay, you may be wondering how a real world copywriter gets by.

Part of the answer lies in building your reputation through networking, befriending and gaining great referrers. Tell anyone and everyone what you now do for businesses, even if you've just got a couple of paid projects under your belt.

A freelance copywriter needs a lot of quotes coming in so that they can continue to have ongoing work from say 50% of those that send a quote request. Many of my good jobs come from the marketers or designers who have regular contact with small business people struggling to create attractive and persuasive websites, reports, and sales letters. It helps to reward these referrers with a commission cheque now and then, or a reciprocal referral, or a gift.

Another part of the answer is to do other writing jobs that are ongoing in nature, which helps stability of income.

This includes writing blog posts for others - ghost blogging. Many business owners don't have the time, skills, or inclination to write helpful articles themselves, and so are desperate to find a stable writer who can quickly knock out articles week after week. This is the "ground floor" for any business (copy) writer in training.

Some new print magazines also look for freelance writers to write articles to fill space, and many pay a small amount to cover your time. As a guide, I have got between A$80 and $100 for 600 word and 1,000 word articles respectively. Initially I found this job on Guru, so I guess it's not all poor offerings.

With so many business owners now realising they need to add interesting content for SEO reasons and customer attraction / social media reasons, there is quite a lot of opportunities in Australia for an efficient and curious writer to grab hold of. It doesn't matter if you're a Mum (like myself) and work till 3pm, it doesn't matter if you've got a cold (cough on the keyboard if you like), and it doesn't matter if you do your work in the middle of the night, with writing it really is the end result that matters!

ProBlogger and WriteJobs are great sources of blogging jobs. Don't ever pay to gain access to writing job sites; some are scams.

Attributes needed for Trainee Writer

  • High-level grammar, with conversational writing skills - perfection not required
  • Qualifications: Communications degree, or home study Copywriting course, or freelance writing experience preferred. Every type of writing helps!
  • Flexible with timing; suit stay-at-home parent who can work every weekday
  • Access to fast Internet and good PC
  • ABN - pay your own tax and super as you go
  • Reliable and patient

If you are a Queensland resident, over 18, and are keen to do the hard yards to forge a writing career, please email jennifer @ for the description of my Trainee Contract Copywriter position. Six weeks unpaid training is included and then you will receive regular requests for quotes or requests for blog posts. This is not an employee position. Clients may stop requesting writing for blogs at any time so you must have a back-up source of income.


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