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Left & Right Brain Professional Mash-up

Updated on September 20, 2015

For years we have made a distinction between left and right brained thinking. With the general consensus being that left brained thinkers are analytical (or traditionally masculine) thinkers, and that right brain thinkers are creative (or traditionally feminine) thinkers.

Though it has been proven that the left & right hemisphere of the brain control specific physical & intellectual processes: it has also been proven that people are capable of being proficient in left & right brain thought processes simultaneously. Thus, it is not only possible, but probable that some of our most effective leaders espouse traits of both creative and analytical thinkers.

In literature this mash-up of creative and analytical thought has been attributed to “Mystics;” a term referring to individuals who walk the line between both hemispheres of the brain.

In the real world, I have come across a variety of people with mystique-esque qualities. Individuals who succeed by incorporating both creative and analytical traits, which allow them to lead teams, grow businesses and succeed in the face of adversity. These individuals see the world in a unique hue and bring a distinctive perspective to the table that mash-up left & right brain skillsets.

Systematic Challenger

  • Process oriented & regimented
  • Constantly testing new approaches & techniques

Individuals who adhere to this theme tend to be methodical disrupters who shake up the status quo, but back up new ideas with data. These are leaders who aren’t afraid to fail forward in pursuit of sustainable success.

Intolerant Dreamer

  • Impatient & critical
  • Blue sky thinkers

Individuals who adhere to this theme tend to force people to be with them or against them in professional environments, because they are unrelentingly focused on their vision for a project. For what they lack in soft skills, they compensate by bringing a large amount of passion and ingenuity to the table.

Brutally Honest Extrovert

  • Unfiltered & Inquisitive
  • Free Thinking & Outspoken

Individuals who adhere to this theme have a commanding presence which they regularly use to convey their opinion about people, projects & policies. This combination can make for charismatic leadership, but it can also be too volatile for some personality types, in turn negatively impacting team chemistry.

Unbiased Rebel

  • Offers Unvarnished Input & Makes Decisions by the Numbers
  • Buck’s Trends & Disrupts Norms

Individuals who adhere to this theme tend to be very analytical and stat driven. In respect to business, everything is black and white – with no grey area. In contrast, these individuals have a tendency to branch out in unique directions adding structure to area’s that used to be grey.


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