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Legal Forms of Job Discrimination in the Workplace

Updated on February 3, 2012

Legal job discrimination can be looked upon as either discrimination outside of the "legal" term and main categories or simply as "job requirements", in either case, the are hurdles facing over eight million unemployed people. What are the main ones?

Localization, bilingualism, currently employed. There must be others.

Localization refers to to job ads or recruiters seeking qualified applicants with a set of job skills within a local area. These ads always state, 'local residents only' or 'must be local'. So what this does immediately is weed out many well qualified applicants because they are not within a commuting range the employer deems satisfactory, which is bullshit. It is BS because no matter what the applicant says about it NOT being an issue, the employer simply does not what to deal with potential problems. Just because one lives within the local area does not mean there will not be problems. Stupid. The employer is tossing up yet another illusionary job hurdle. Forget about about pleading your case that you are willing to relocate at your own expense or the commute is not an issue. Oh, they will accept the resume or application but they will not consider it unless all of the local applicants are horrible, which pretty much ends it.

Currently employed is another tool to weed out, unfairly, the eight million unemployed workers. These two words present a conundrum in that, in the past, if one was unhappy with the current job, they would usually look for other work on the "silent" and prospective employers did not care whether one was currently working or not. Now they do. Now, they use it just to weed out applications when they see no current employment or the "currently unemployed" statement or N\A on the line. What logic is this? Many of the unemployed might be a perfect match for the job yet they do not even get into the mix to compete because they are not currently working, happily or not. What kind of idiot manager would use this method?

Bilingualism requirements, usually along the border states near Mexico. Many will state it is just a job skill that is now needed because we have allowed Spanish to propel business, even though, it is America. Many state knowing a second language is great, while true, the World has adopted English as its method of communication for business. Just look at China. Yet, many employers are so eager to accommodate for the sake of making money or customer service, they make knowing Spanish a job requirement. This issue cannot be talked about without political discussions and the often cited, "in no other country would English be a job requirement if an American tried to find work in Mexico, Germany, France etc". While English is spoken in many countries, it is seldom a job requirement. Yet, in America, we allow other languages to become job requirements.

These three reasons all increase unemployment in their own way.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      when I said legal, I meant, those not covered by the various federal laws prohibiting obvious forms of discrimination based on sex, gender,etc., that also discriminate under the cloak of legitimacy. being in biz for yourself is not totally exempt-one must be careful.

    • FGual profile image

      FGual 6 years ago from USA

      Great Hub. You can add age discrimination to the above, plus affirmative action, appearance, minority quotas, reverse discrimination, gender, sexual, political views, maybe more.

      No wonder people give up. Become self-employed and say goodbye to all that.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago


    • Dale Hyde profile image

      Dale Hyde 6 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

      A great hub and most true from my perspective. The "legal" discrimination is widely spread in the South Texas area! Well done. Voted up!