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Legal Jobs and Skills Required to Apply for Them

Updated on June 25, 2014

Legal Jobs

Know about legal jobs

The corporate world has a lot beyond the common jobs like those of marketing, finance, sales and other such profiles. Beyond these jobs lie the world of those, who help all of these professions comply with the laws and regulations set by the government. Yes, all of us, no matter what business we are into, at some specific point of time need the legal support to comply with the laws. For this, we are blessed to have some brilliant legal professionals to consult with. These are the people, who are educated to work as legal advisors, consultants, compliance officers and on other such profiles. Such professionals hold at least a bachelor's degree in law and may even have a master's degree in the same field to be eligible for higher positions.

Those engaged in these legal professions are always desired in law firms and consultancies. They may even work individually to assist various businesses and individuals to work in line with the legal aspects. The job opportunities for these professionals are many and the remuneration they are paid is alluring too. These legal jobs turn out to be worthy career choices for law students. Besides opting to be lawyers or judges, many law students opt to move ahead as legal officers for private companies.

Skills for legal jobs

Skills needed for legal jobs:

For law graduates, there exist a lot of job opportunities, but to apply for them, they need to be competent and skilled. They should be confident, analytical, logical and knowledgeable to live up to the expectations associated to their jobs. Below are some of the skills that can help you deal with your legal jobs. You may consider these and aim for the legal jobs you wish to get in.

Communication Skills

Communication is an essence of this job as these professionals are required to deal with clients and authoritative personnel. Thus, they need to be efficient when it comes to ensuring clear communication, both written and verbal. They may also be required to prepared agreements and other related documents, for which written communication becomes a pre-requisite.

Eye for detail

Be it a lawyer, a legal executive or a consultant, each of them need to be attentive towards any kind of detail, which is crucial to their job. Their work revolves legal matters and investigations, and so they need to have an eye for detail so as to avoid any issues related to legal compliance.

Client Service

There many legal officers out there who work with consultancies and law firms. They are always connected with the clients to provide them solutions for all their legal matters.

Strong Analytical Skills

They need to be capable enough to visualize, articulate and solve the legal matters of their clients or the organization they are employed with. With strong analytical skills, they provide apt solutions to their problems.

Confident and Logical

They many a times represent an organization or an individual in legal matters. In such situations, they are expected to be confident and logical enough to handle things.

Legal knowledge

A strong knowledge base remains one of the significant factors for those employed in these legal careers. The professionals need to add on to their knowledge base and need to adapt to the new laws ad acts being passed.

Legal reasoning

The legal representatives and consultants need to have a legal reason for any step taken by them. They need to be logical enough to justify any decision taken for the organization or their clients.

Besides, these professionals also need to possess the ability to research, collect & analyse the large amount of data and information. They also need to be capable enough to provide a logical argument.

Consider these legal jobs

You may consider these legal jobs

Those looking for legal jobs can be appointed by private companies, financial institutions or companies, law firms, consultancies and even government agencies. For all of these setups, their job roles and eligibility criteria may be different. Below given are some of the jobs that the ones studying law can consider.

Legal Representatives

Most of the huge business houses and or even small ones at some point may need these legal representatives. These professionals are skilled to handle the legal cases on their clients' parts. They take a note of all the technicalities involved and represent a company or a person in case of any legal matters.

Legal Consultants/Advisers

There exist many law firms and consultancies that offer legal support to their clients. They provide consultation for various legal matters. These legal advisors help their clients manage their compliances and help them sort other such issues.

Legal Executives

These are law graduates, who are hired to handle accounting, agreements related work and tax matters independently. They also assist their superiors in income tax and sales tax cases. Their job roles involve many such other tasks related to liaisoning with local municipal authorities, architects and Government offices.

Legal Compliance Officer

These professionals are experienced enough to handle all the legal tasks for the organization they are employed with, or the clients. They handle contract drafting and negotiation, litigation, trademark and copyright transaction. They are also involved in providing legal opinion on claim repudiation cases to the claims department besides drafting the lease deeds for business branches. The compliance officers also conduct workshops and develop training material for internal stakeholders. They may even conduct training for legal updates for other team mates and stakeholders.


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