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Legitimate Work at home Call center jobs

Updated on March 28, 2016

Legitimate Work at home Call center jobs

Generally companies have contract with business process outsourcing (BPOs) firms which provide call center services. Call center operations may be based on customer service, marketing/sales or technical support. Marketing/Sales based call centers could be asked to sell healthcare or insurance products to customers. Today, companies offer work-from-home call center jobs to individuals, who have the required skills set. BPOs also offer many freelance jobs in order to cut operation costs. Simply put, you will be an employee of the company except that you will be working from your home desk instead of your office. Generally, the training will be provided by the company. The length of training depends upon the domain and the background knowledge required. Experienced individuals may need to go through an assessment process or interview. Work-from-home call center jobs can be full-time or part-time. They also operate in various shifts based on the requirements of the client.

Work at home call center jobs are ideal for persons who wish to work part-time and supplement their regular income. One can also work as a full-time agent. Sales calls typically fetch your between $10-$15 per hour. Incentives are provided for additional sales. Agents are usually provided with a list of numbers to call and also a way to receive inbound calls. Work-from-home call center agents will have to adhere to the script provided by the company. They also need to learn the computer program(s) the company uses to input caller or call recipient information. Quality check will be done by the company to ensure compliance.

Requirements for setting up a Call center at home: You need to possess the below mentioned basic equipments to run your call center at home

***A Personal computer that meets basic technical requirements

***A dedicated landline with telephone service

***A corded headset compatible with your corded telephone

***A high speed internet connection

Software: Generally companies will provide you the required software programs. There are also many Cloud-based software applications that you can avail for free

Companies: Companies like AT&T, Apple, American express etc offer work from home call center jobs to freelancers. E-commerce companies like Amazon also offer work from home sales jobs. Exotel is a company offer Virtual call center services in India.

Medical Transcriptionist:

Medical Transcription is another area in which you could make good money working from home. Medical transcriptionists in India earn up to Rs 2000 per hour. Activities like Proof Reading, Editing and quality Assurance in MT can fetch a higher pay. There is no need for any specialized degree. Companies require persons who are good at typing and possess medical knowledge. Experience or certified persons are generally given preference. If you have good hearing and listening skills and are capable of working under pressure to meet client needs, medical transcription is your best bet

Basic requirements for Medical Transcription:

You need equipments like a personal computer, headset, foot pedal and transcription software

Companies: Acusis is a medical transcription provider headquartered in USA and has global operations mainly in India and Philippines. Acusis has an elite group of home-based transcriptionists and editors. They have a professional in-house support team as well

Pradot: Pradot is another company based in India. They provide integrated back office operations for Health Care Organizations.

You could visit job portals like and to check for Work from home call center/Medical transcription jobs


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      Hope this hub is useful for work at home aspirants