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Lessons You Can Learn From The Mistakes Of Successful People

Updated on May 11, 2014

Even successful people agree that they are not perfect. Some of them even confess that they have committed highly embarrassing mistakes. If you go through the life history of highly successful people and the most valued entrepreneurs, you will find that they have been the ones who committed the maximum number of mistakes and experienced sthe onslought of maximum number of failures. But they learn their lessions from their mistakes. That being the case, we should all understand that there are a lot of differences between failures at our tasks and failures as individuals.

Let us look at some of the mistakes highly successful people have committed and the few important points we should learn from these mistakes.

Perfectionism, Not Delegating And Not Seeking Help

Many people find it difficult to seek help. There are also others who have so much obsession about perfectionism. So, they try to manage all the tasks themselves. They have a wrong notion that by doing things on their own or by not allowing others to share their responsibilities, they could do whatever they want perfectly and the way they want. This attitude may ruin their career or may destroy their life also. It is their inability to delegate work or seek help from others that can make their life unhealthy. They do not realise that the stress of doing everything on their own can take a toll on their health. They may not be able to balance their work and personal lives due to which there may be problems in their families also.

It is high time these people learn the dangers that come with perfectionism and also to distinguish between failures in jobs and failures as individuals. They should also learn how to admit their mistakes and seek help.

Failure To Draw A Distinction Between Shame And Guilt

Everyone may commit mistakes but these people are not the personification of mistakes. You should also know how to distinguish between shame and guilt. Regretting for an action is guilt but as far as shame is concerned, it is much deeper than guilt and it is also more painful. This means that you should understand that you are not the personification of mistakes If you commit a mistake, there is nothing wrong if you feel guilty but there is no point in feeling ashamed.

Causing Mental Stress To Others

As humans, we should not be a reason for causing stress to others because it means that we have failed. Especially, if you believe in a tough style of managing people and have the authority also, you should refrain from rubbing people on the wrong side. The best way is to embrace a gentler approach to avoid hurting people.

Not Meshing With The Prevailing Environment

When you try to gain the work skills in your new job, you should learn how to mesh your personality with the prevailing office environment. If you fail in this aspect, there are chances you will be criticised.

Failure To Persevere

Nothing can be more important than perseverance. Even Warren Buffett does not hesitate to admit that he cannot be considered the smartest person around. The key to his astounding success is his ability to recognise the "Horsepower-Versus-Output" distinction.

He explains that the talent everyone is born with is the "horsepower" and their "output" may vary according to the commitment, dedication, perseverance, guts and the discipline with which they utilize their talents. We cannot assume that whatever we do is perfect. Mistakes are bound to happen and there will always be a pretty good scope for improvement. We should accept our imperfections and learn to move past them.


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