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Lets Talk Lanyards

Updated on October 25, 2012

Safety and the Lanyard

When this device was invented hundreds of years ago, the sailors used them to make their daily lives easier and safer. Today, people are re-discovering the fact that the cord can be utilized for personal safety. Protection cords can be purchased at sites like Lanyards Depot.

The lanyard can carry all kinds of self protection products. Numerous people choose to use their cords to carry offensive items. These include gadgets like tasers and pepper sprays. Cords are also used to carry various defensive items. These include things like whistles and horns.

Carrying either offensive or defensive weapons on a cord has a number of advantages over other strategies. The fact that the item is on a cord ensures that the protection product is within easy reach at all times. It also guarantees that if an individual has to run away from an attack, the product will not fall or get left behind. The other major advantage is that the person may be able to use the item while they are fleeing. Furthermore, this technique ensures that the person’s hands remain free.

Lanyards can be used to carry other types of self protection devices. Things like survival and emergency kits can be carried on cords. A kit does not have to be large or heavy to be effective. An individual can create their own kit by using a holder and placing various items inside. They might want to place things like waterproof matches, flints or band aids inside. They may also want to attach a Swiss army knife on their cord.

Cell phones can be used for protection. A person can make emergency calls from the phone. However, the phone can also be used to locate a person if they are unable to make a call. If a person is going to be in an isolated area they might to use the cord to hold a GPS unit. These units often get better reception in remote areas and they can get a signal in almost any kind of weather.

People who do a lot of walking may find that they are approached by various dogs. To prevent strange dogs from coming too close, the individual can keep animal repellents on their lanyard. These kinds of items are designed to keep unfamiliar dogs away using sound. They will not harm the animal in any way.

Cords can be utilized to keep medications handy. Any person who has an allergy that requires the use of an EpiPen can keep it on a cord. This is a great way to ensure that the pen is always close in case there is an emergency. Other emergency medications like inhalers can be carried in the same way.

Lanyard Fun

Lanyards are both functional and fun. The cords are ideal for wearing an ID card at the office or for providing the perfect place to keep an individual’s personal protection device. However, they are also a craft and an art.

Creating lanyards is a craft that many people learned at summer camps. These lanyards were often fabricated using “gimp”. Gimp, is the appropriate term for the colorful strands of plastic cords which camps often use. With these cords children can create various different shapes and forms.

Various forms and shapes are produced in a number of ways. The child can vary the toy of knot and the number of knots. They can also learn how to utilize various numbers of cords. The c most common technique uses two cords, however, it is possible to combine almost any number.

If you are interested in learning how to make lanyards you should start by learning some of the basic knots. These include the ones listed below.

  • The Diamond Knot
  • The Square Knot
  • The Butterfly
  • The Triangle
  • The Circle
  • The Box
  • The Cobra

Promotional Lanyards

Need an inexpensive way to promote your business?

Why not select a handy, versatile lanyard?

Any company which is searching for an item to use as a promotional product should ensure that they make an informed decision prior to making a final choice. They need to base their choice on a number of criteria not just the price of the item. Below are a few factors which every company should consider when making a selection.

The Life of the Item

A lanyard can last for years, unlike pens which may run out or small battery powered gadgets.


Many promotional items like coffee cups are fragile. This means that they could suffer damage during shipping or handling. Additionally, these types of products might break once they are in the hands of the intended recipient. On the other hand, there is little chance of a cord becoming damaged.


The goal of any product is to be seen by as many people as possible. A lanyard is traditionally worn around a person’s neck. This makes it a highly visible product. Compare that to a pen or pencil which could end up in the bottom of a person’s desk or tucked in a drawer.


Small companies may not have a lot of space in which to store the promotional items. Cups, glasses and even baseball caps require more space than cords. Thousands of lanyards can easily fit into an extremely small amount of space. Additionally, the cords do not have any special needs. They can be stored in places which get either hot or cold. Another fact to think about is that the cords can be stored indefinitely without suffering any ill effects.

User Appeal

The lanyard is an item which can be utilized by anyone. It is not a gender specific item. Furthermore, it is a product which can be used by the old and the young.


If a product is going to be effective it must be customizable. In the cases of many products this term only refers to the company being able to have their name printed onto the item. However in the case of the lanyard it means far, far more. The lanyard can be completely customized. Any organization which intends to create cords can select the materials which will be used, the method of printing and the attachment. Additionally, the buyer can have their name, logo and contact information on a cord.


Pens, pencils and similar products have only one function. And, although the lanyard is simple, it can be utilized in hundreds of different ways. It can be used to carry and display ID, carry a beverage, hold a person’s fishing gear or be used as part of a personal safety protection system. Furthermore, it can be customized to hold and carry more than a single item at one time.


Naturally price is going to play a big part in any company’s decision. The lanyard is among the most reasonable priced promotional items. Cords can be purchased for about a dollar per unit. The price of the unit might be further reduced by the purchaser making a bulk order.

These are only a few of the many reasons why a lanyard makes an ideal promotional item. There in fact many more.

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