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Letter of Recommendation Sample

Updated on June 23, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend_________. I have known Matt for the past five years. He has worked for our family as a babysitter for our three boys during this time.

My wife and I selected Matt with great care to watch over our children and keep them safe in our absence. We felt drawn to him because of his character and values. He proved himself to be trustworthy, reliable, and hard working. Matt has been a quick thinker in emergency situations. He has shown good judgment and remained calm each time he was faced with a problem. Our children have enjoyed his gift of creativity and willingness to engage activities, while we have appreciated his maturity and his hands on approach to interacting with them.

Matt has a tremendous ability to relate and to make a personal connection with the people around him. He is a very caring and compassionate person. Because of this and his strong work ethic, Matt would be an asset to any organization. I am more than happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.


To Whom It May Concern:

As a youth minister for _________for the past several years, I have had many opportunities to meet and work with teenagers. ___________ has been a standout among a group of youth that is dedicated to growing in their relationship with Christ. Elizabeth has a spirit about her that spreads the joy of the Lord to everyone she meets. Her presence in our group is strongly felt by all and her leadership ability is a true gift from God.

Elizabeth has served as a role model for many of the younger girls in our group and her high moral values have not been shaken as she has entered into her young adult life. She has clearly built a firm foundation in the Lord. She exemplifies the virtues of faith, hope, and chastity. Through mentoring other girls she has also instilled in each of them a desire to remain pure and a heart to serve God. Elizabeth has been given the responsibility of sharing her personal testimony and giving talks at our retreats. It never fails that she speaks with wisdom beyond her years, yet at the same time is able to make the teachings relevant to the lives of our youth. Her talks demonstrate her intelligence and her boldness to spread the Gospel message to others.

I have also been able to serve the poor with Elizabeth. An integral part of our youth group’s mission is service and social justice for the poor. Elizabeth has prayed with us outside of abortion clinics for the rights of the unborn and has experienced service to the poorest of the poor in her own city. Elizabeth has a firm grasp on the meaning of evangelization through service and love to others.

I am also impressed at the motivation Elizabeth has in her academic life. She is a very hard worker and is driven to succeed in her studies. Her discipline has allowed her to maintain a high level of excellence in all of her courses. Through many conversations I have had with Elizabeth, I know that she greatly desires to serve God by using the gift of her education to bless others with the knowledge and skills she acquires at n University.

In order to allow Elizabeth to reach her full potential, I am asking that you provide her with some financial assistance. Elizabeth has been earning and saving money since her sophomore year of high school so that she would be able to put herself through college. Her work ethic is very strong. She is a student who has worked for everything that she has and a blessing in the way of additional financial help would be greatly beneficial to her. I highly recommend her as a recipient of this scholarship.



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