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Levels of Leadership

Updated on September 5, 2015


As we all know there is a certain difference between a leader and a manager. The question is what is the difference? The basic difference is a manager only manages the things and do the tasks according his skill set or the way task is assigned but a true leader not only manages the things, he creates new set of rules, according to the industry demand and he is always ready to face the industry challenge and these qualities makes him the leader. According to John Maxwell, there are five levels of leadership, which defines a true self of a leader.

John Maxwell's Levels of Leadership


Levels of Leadership

  • Position: Position is the entry level of leadership. The People who are on level 1, they can be a boss, but they cannot be a leader ever. The people they work with they are their subordinates not their team mates. To control their people, this kind of bosses rely on regulations, rules, organization charts, and policies.
  • Permission: When a person comes from position to permission, for that person it is a first step towards real leadership. When a person comes on permission level everything changes. People not only comply but also they start to follow your orders. They do that because they want to without any pressure.
  • Production: That’s the biggest thing in leadership, which separates true leaders from the people who only occupies the higher positions. When someone get results and make the things happen, then he calls a good leader. The people who are on level three they have the work ethic, self-discipline, skills or organization. All these qualities are necessary for a healthy negotiation.
  • People Development: A good leader always thinks about his team and about his organization. When someone is on level 4, he invests his money, effort, time, energy and creative thinking about how can he grow other people as a leader. This kind of people only gives less importance for themselves.
  • The Pinnacle: From everyone else, the Pinnacle leaders always stand out. These leaders are already on the highest level of leadership. These leaders always bring success wherever they go and whatever work they do. Those leaders who are on Level 5 often has an effect that surpasses the industry and the organization the leader works in.


Now if we talk about which level connects most to negotiations, then it's pretty clear that production levels deal with the negotiations. Because when someone got results and he has certain skills like self-discipline and work ethic, he can play a great role in the field of negotiations. He holds the position and he knows how to handle the permission part. Those people can play a great role between two parties and they can handle the situation in a best and proper way instead of any other leaders.



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