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Levels of Management

Updated on December 27, 2015

What does it mean by Levels of Management

Level of management refers to differentiation among positions held by managers in a company. Management levels improve when the business and the labor force improves and vice versa. Every managerial role ascertains an authoritative role, the amount of power and status that comes along with it. Levels of management can be divided into three categories such as:

  1. Top Level Management

  2. Middle Level Management

  3. Bottom level Management

Top Level of Management

This level comprises chief administrator or the managing director and the board of directors. This level is considered as the fundamental level of command and this role includes managing all the aims and chief policies of an organization. It pays more importance to making plans and also organizing functions. Therefore, the role of this level of management is as follows:

  • Top management level puts across all the aims and extensive policies of the enterprise.
  • It also delvers all the important information for preparing the budgets of the departments, actions, agenda etc.
  • It makes strategic policies and plans of the enterprise.
  • It also selects the middle-level managers of the departments.
  • It commands and organizes all the actions of every department.
  • It offers help and proper direction.
  • It also takes up all the responsibilities and tasks of the shareholders for their role in the enterprise.

Middle Level Management

Middle level management comprises branch and department heads who report to top management. Their duties include managing and organizing their respective departments operation. In large organizations, middle management is split into junior and senior middle management. Role of middle management;

  • Effectively executing tasks in compliance with guidelines given by top management.
  • Planning, training and employment of lower level management.
  • Translate top level management procedures to lower level management.
  • Coordinating the department’s duties and reporting them back to top level management.
  • Motivation of lower level staff and assessment of their tasks to achieve better performance levels.

Bottom Level Management

Lower level or operational level management comprises supervisors, foremen etc. who work toward achieving functional tasks for their department. Their roles include:

  • Managing and allotting daily tasks to employees and maintaining order in the department.
  • Quantity and quality of tasks is their prime focus.
  • Maintaining harmony and cordial relations in the organization.
  • They convey employee grievances and issues to their superiors and translate back the goals set by the higher management to their department.
  • Apart from stating the issues to the higher level management, they are also responsible for solving employee grievances.
  • Supervising, motivating and training sub-ordinates is another important task at their level.
  • Organizing infrastructure and resources to their subordinates so that they can successfully carry out their department operations.
  • Report generation of employee tasks are required by them on a periodic basis.
  • They have a huge responsibility of maintaining the company’s image with their subordinates.


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    • Ruchira profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      Interesting concepts put forward...Voted up as interesting and useful.


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