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Proper Liability Insurance for Roofers Can Ensure Complications in the Case of Accidents During the Work

Updated on June 4, 2012

Roofing contractors practice a trade that is fraught with a lot of risk. Workmen and equipment always need to work at great heights in working conditions that are not known for providing for firm and stable areas for work. This makes liability insurance for roofers a must before any job is commenced, and many states make it mandatory, if you are to carry out such roofing work. Accidents in roofing can come from poor safety equipment, poor scaffolding or improperly fixed framework, dropped tools and even electrical shocks from improperly insulated equipment. Most of such equipment is used with hanging cables and wires that again can make for very risky working conditions.

Roofers Liability Insurance Makes for a Sound Business Practice

Roofers liability insurance is a very important form of insurance for any contractor to carry, and can cover the contractor from any injury to persons or property damage that can occur when such activities are being carried out. Such insurance coverage can protect the contractor from any financial losses and even any legal expenses that may come up as a result of claims being preferred. Roofing is considered a high risk profession and this makes insurance companies ask for high premiums when offering such insurance.

Such liability insurance for roofers protects the company taking out the insurance and its workers, but does not extend to the client who has contracted for the work to be carried out. Such liability insurance is essential to protect the workers of the roofers company and can at times be linked to workmen's compensation. This linkage can lead to reduced premiums. Workmen's compensation is related to injuries that are a direct result of the work being carried out, whereas, a liability insurance can even cover injuries received even when not directly on the job. Liability insurance can also cater to claims that cover costs resulting from public liabilities that can come from dropped tools while working on the roof. There are some policies that go further to cover even tools and equipment used by the roofing company.

Protection for the Customers

When as a customer you are looking to have a new roof fitted or doing maintenance on an existing roof, as an owner or lessor of a property, you can save yourself a lot of legal hassles if you make sure that the roofing contractor you employ is carrying the right liability insurance for roofers. This may sometimes increase the cost of roofing, but after all, insurance is meant to protect you from risk. It therefore makes sense to see that the contractor is adequately covered, so that you do not find yourself vulnerable to any problems created by this lack of insurance. It also makes sense to check on the license and registration of any contractor before awarding them your roofing job. The liability insurance cover must also be from a reputable company that is known for settling properly made claims. It also makes sense to check on the past experience of the contractor, the portfolio of work and knowledge about the roofing that you are going to entrust the company with.


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