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Life Coaching – Not a Cure for Mental Illness, But a Path Towards a Better You!

Updated on August 24, 2015

Whether because of the fact that they associate it with counseling or therapy or for some other reason, many people tend to consider life coaching as something that only those with emotional or psychological problems go in for. Either that or they believe that those who choose to involve themselves in life coaching suffer from some kind of inherent weakness of character which prevents them from being able to live a normal, happy or productive life. In fact though, the people who seek out life coaching are often very strong individuals who have a keen sense of awareness of what is possible in life and who are intensely motivated to improve their lot.

At the risk of over-simplifying what life coaching is all about, essentially what it boils down to is helping people to achieve their full potential in whichever areas of their lives are of particular concern to them. While many individuals are apparently quite happy to drift along and accept whatever fate puts in their path and live with the belief that they are neither worthy nor capable of achieving more, those who choose life coaching aspire to something better. Far from being weak, they have the courage to face up to the fact that in certain respects they could do better in life and experience higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Nobody can be good at everything in life – that’s a fact. A person who excels and truly lives up to his or her potential in a professional sense, for example, may struggle with personal relationships, or vice versa. There is no shame in this. It’s merely a reflection of the unique individuals that we are. Just because our strengths are greater in some areas than others, however, doesn’t mean that we are powerless to bring about improvement to those aspects of our lives where we have typically encountered higher levels of difficulty. Just because personal relationships have never been your forte in the past doesn’t mean that this always has to be the case. With the improved sense of self-awareness and strategy for moving forwards that can be delivered through life coaching, and the willingness to tackle the issue, it is totally possible for anyone to learn how to develop and maintain satisfying relationships, build a more successful career or whatever their goal happens to be.

Aside from each of us possessing different natural talents and abilities in life, every one of us without exception goes through periods where situations and events cause us stress or distract us, making it hard for us to see a clear path forwards or to focus on our goals. At times like these, again the support and guidance of a life coach can help to put us back on track.

Life coaching isn’t about curing people of mental, emotional or psychological illness, but about helping them to become the very best that they can be in whatever areas of their lives that they seek improvement. It is also not about somebody else dictating your path for you, but about receiving support and guidance to get you where you want to go.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      One of the women involved in the self employment program that mom is in is a life coach. She is the first one that I have met face to face.

    • profile image

      mib56789 6 years ago

      Never knew much about life coaching. I was sent to psychologists and psychiatrists once for therapy. I'm sure they'd like for me to give them credit for my recovery but I can't. Fact is my husband helped me through my mental illness and now I'm back on track thanks to him. Great HUB Julie-Ann! I'll be recycling this one too!