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Life Coaching for Soon-to-Be Retirees and the Newly Retired

Updated on September 16, 2011

After having spent many years in the workplace, it’s quite natural to look forward to the golden years of retirement. How wonderful to have all that time and all that freedom, with no-one expecting you to be in a certain place at a certain time or watching over your shoulder to make sure that you don’t put a foot out of line. How great to just be able to potter about and put your feet up whenever you feel like it. As many recently retired people soon come to realize, however, all that time and all that freedom can soon become a burden rather than a blessing, a fact which leads many to seek help through life coaching.

For most workers, the constraints which are imposed by being in full-time employment can become increasingly onerous as the years go by. The need to go out to work every day, however, provides structure and routine which many find essential to their lives. Not only this of course, but our work also contributes to our feelings of self-esteem, as well as giving us a sense of purpose, status and the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people. When all of these things suddenly disappear as we make our final exit from the work scene, often there is a huge sense of loss, loneliness and fear for what the future might hold. To make matters worse, retirement often brings about challenges within relationships with partners as two people suddenly find that they are tripping over one another at home or becoming more reliant upon one another for company. In essence, rather than feeling like a new beginning, for some people retirement feels like the end.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes which is made by people who are nearing retirement lies in a lack of planning. Often, little or no consideration is given to how they are going to fill their time, not just for the sake of making the hours go by, but in ways which will bring enjoyment and fulfillment. Also, there can often be a temptation to just quit work altogether rather than considering easing out gradually or taking up some kind of part-time activity such as consultancy work to provide a better balance in life.

Sadly for many retired people, it often doesn’t occur to them to seek any kind of help in preparing for or adjusting to retirement. In fact though, life coaching offers great opportunities for soon-to-be retirees or recently retired individuals to think about and act upon the realization of their future goals. For some people, this might involve making and executing plans for all of those things that they simply didn’t have the time or energy for while they were still in the workplace, such as writing that book, moving abroad or setting up that small home business. For others, life coaching can help them to get the best from their closest relationships in a very much changed environment.

Just because you are shortly to reach or have already reached retirement age doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth investing in your future, and with life coaching you could ensure that you make the very best of your golden years.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      My Dad is 68 and is semi-retired. That's as retired as he wants to be because he can't have too much free time on his hands as he must have things to keep his mind busy that need to be done. Otherwise, he doesn't fully enjoy his free time. Most members of my family are the same way ,although there are some exceptions.

    • ershruti304 profile image

      ershruti304 6 years ago from Shimla

      Hi thanks for all these tics and toes I would surely share these points with my dad who has just retired as professor from university.