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Life Coaching for Women

Updated on December 6, 2011

The challenges and concerns faced by women are in many ways quite different from those faced by men, partly as a result of their physiology, partly because of the roles that they fill in life and partly due to society’s perception of the female gender. The combination of all of these factors can sometimes mean that women can become so engrossed in and distracted by everything that is happening in their lives that they begin to lose their own sense of personal identity or find it hard to focus on identifying and working towards their own personal aims and objectives. Where this is the case, many find that they can benefit enormously from life coaching to help them get on track.

Women’s lives, to a much greater extent than men’s, can be broken down into physical stages, with the pre and post-menopausal stages presenting vastly different challenges. While the fertile years are typically given over to creating and raising a family, often at the same time as holding down full or part-time work and juggling numerous household responsibilities, the later years when the children have left home can sometimes feel empty, purposeless and directionless. In both cases, striving to reach their full potential across the various areas of their lives is something which women frequently put on the back burner in the hope or expectation that they can pick it up at some other time. Without the help of life coaching though, typically the back burner is where their dreams stay.

Society’s perception of females in society also has a huge bearing on the extent to which women are able to meet their potential as individuals, and even on the extent of their aspirations. Even in the 21st century, many women are still left with the legacy of their upbringings and of attitudes which taught that they could and would not go as far in life as men. In many cases, the influences that they were subjected to years ago still restrict their thinking today, making them believe that they can go so far and no further. Some modern day parents still bring up their female offspring to believe that chasing their own personal dreams is an act of selfishness and that their primary responsibility in life should be towards partners and families rather than to themselves.

Women who find their way into the workplace are once again reminded of their “place” in life. Many earn lower salaries for doing the same jobs as men and, despite the fact that many possess equal or greater ability than their male counterparts, often they are passed over for promotion because their employers fear that family issues and concerns will prevent them from giving the same degree of commitment to the role or cause them to quit the job completely. With greater levels of self-belief, their natural talents and abilities and the skills which can be acquired through working alongside a life coach, however, women can carve out hugely successful careers for themselves at the same time as balancing their lives outside the office.

Despite modern technology and conveniences, the lives of women today present huge challenges which can stand in the way of achieving balance, harmony and success in their lives. Life coaching can help modern women to reach their full potential by giving them the support and guidance that they need to create workable strategies which allow them to improve the quality of their lives in whatever directions they choose.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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