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Life & Work: Do You Really Need to Choose Between Them?

Updated on August 24, 2016
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Work: I believe it should be a pleasure first of all. And I hope one day everyone will have the opportunity of choosing job of their dreams

Working in Order to Live... Living in Order to Work

Work is an essential part of our life. By working we do not only earn money in order to pay bills, buy food and drinks and enjoy everything we want, but we also spend time with our colleagues, our boss, customers and other main people we can meet on the workplace. It is a part of our existence, especially when we have a part-time job (in which you basically work in order to live, but you do not put your job as the first element of your days), but can become the most relevant part of our life if we have a full-time contract. People work full-time for many reasons: having opportunities to get high-responsibility careers or increasing income are two of the many popular reasons. But are you sure you need to work full-time in your life?

Work is an important part of our life, or it can be just the biggest one, depending on what type of job we have.
Work is an important part of our life, or it can be just the biggest one, depending on what type of job we have.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

— Confucius

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Part-Time Jobs

A part-time job requires you to work for a few hours a day, often organized by rounds with your colleagues. You need to respect these rounds and work for the hours you are assigned to. After you end your work, you are free for all the remaining day. The advantages are evident: you can spend time with your family without paying babysitters in order to look at your children, you can hang out with your friends, and finally you have more free time for yourself. The disadvantages are you often get lower incomes than full time jobs (but that's not always true, as there are many full time jobs in which you get low incomes, or only a little higher than the part time ones) and the fact it is very hard to achieve high responsibility jobs (as you work part time, you share your job with other people and organize your work with them by rounds, but surely you cannot become a part-time manager of a supermarket). But... do you really need a higher income? Well, if you don't have many money and if you have rented your house, maybe you need them, and working full time is the only solution. Otherwise, you can probably live with a part-time income (unless you want to spend all your money in extra things you may not really need). And... do you really want to get a high-responsibility job? Some people want to get it, and so they choose to work full time and achieve it, but there are also people who just want to do the job they like without about the position.


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Full-Time Jobs

In full time jobs you spend most part of the day working. Surely the advantages are you generally get a higher income than the one of part time jobs, and you have more chances to get a high responsibility job (they are advantages as long as you consider relevant these aspects in your life). The disadvantages are evident: you cannot spend so much time with your family and your friends, you have much less free time (if you have it at all), you often need to eat out of home in a hurry (in most cases, relying on fast foods and generally junk food you can eat in less time) and, if you work in a office, you stay sit down for most part of the day (eating junk food and staying sit down all day are not exactly the healtiest options). Also in this case, the disadvantages may be more or less relevant for different people. That's why everyone should choose the best type of job according on their needs and preferences.

Part Time Jobs
Full Time Jobs
You can work and do other things in our life
You mainly work, there is little to none space to do other things
You have more time to go running or at the gym, and also you can better eat in a healthy way
You often eat fast food solutions and, if you work in a office, you also stay sit down all time
Social Relationships
You have more time for family and friends
You have less time for family and friends: you spend most part of your life with your colleagues
You often get low-responsibilities jobs
You can obtain a high-responsibilities jobs
It is generally lower compared to full time
It is generally higher compared to part time
A comparison between part time jobs and full time jobs
Part time jobs and full tim jobs both have advantages and disadvantages. You only have to choose what is best for you.
Part time jobs and full tim jobs both have advantages and disadvantages. You only have to choose what is best for you. | Source

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How to Choose the Best Solution for You

There are many ways to know what type of job is best of you. If you have little money, a large family, a rented house and many bills to pay, full time is maybe the only solution for you. If you don't have economic problems, you can just look at what solution is best for you: do you really want to get a high-responsibility job, and that is the most important thing for you? Get a full time job! If you like jobs in which you have less responsibilities, and don't feel all the need of becoming the boss of someone, you can look at part time jobs. If you prefer to spend money in many extra things you can consider full time (unless they allow you to enjoy these extra things), if you are more inclined to save your money you can consider a part time job. If you have a little family, friends to hang out with and many activities to do in your life, a part time job is the best solution for you, while if you don't have a family, friends and you don't have so many things to do, you can just rely on a full time solution, and also get a higher income. Depending on what type of person you are (and let's say, also on your economic situation), you can easily choose what solution is best for you.

© 2016 Alessio Ganci


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