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Life in fast food. Not for the faint at heart.

Updated on August 4, 2016

Career or stepping stone?

From personal experience I can say that working in the fast food industry is not as easy as it appears. There seems to be stigma surrounding the fast food industry as a job or career. The stigma indicates that it doesn't take much hard work or intelligence to be employed throughout the fast food or restaurant industry. I beg to differ with that statement. I challenge that stigma.

I worked in the fast food industry for over 2 years. In the minds of some people that length of time is not considered to be a great deal. In the mind of someone that has just graduated high school and thought they would be a full-time student and nothing more, it is a great deal of time.

I worked at one of the largest fast food chains nationwide. Working for such a large company has its ups and downs. You're expected to meet higher standards than set by other fast food chains. You partake in vigorous training and practice before you are released to work on your own. In addition to hands on training, you partake in learning from videos and experience over time. Unfortunately during the training there are mistakes that are bound to happen. You not only learn how to complete the tasks at hand, but also to handle the mistakes that you and others make.

In my opinion, some of the hardest work to complete, is the work that is necessary to serve the general public. Without realizing it you can meet hundreds of people a day. You interact with more people than you may recall. There will be times when the faces are easy to recognize and you become familiar with those individuals. You know what to expect from those specific people. It makes it easier to pin point what they will want or need. Others you may only see once.

The stigma of working in fast food has only become increasingly worse. The individuals that fuel the stigma are generally the ones that don't understand or appreciate the industry. Despite the negative consequences of the products produced in the industry, it is a large and somewhat beneficial industry for the public. The stigma entails that you are unintelligent if you work within the industry. It goes another step further to say that you are either lazy or incompetent to work somewhere else. I'm ready to debunk this stigma.

After personally working within the industry for over 2 years and making a temporary living, I can say that it is not as easy as it appears from the outside looking in. Some of the hardest parts of the job are to handle customers and the general public that are inconsolable. There are times when you can do everything that the individual requests you to do and it still will not be enough. Those moments are when you just try your best and brush the rest off. If you are unable to multi task and leave your work at the door at the end of the day. This job is not for you. You have the intense training, the influx of customers, the multitasking, and the variety of tasks to complete.

If you aren't able to handle yelling customers, machines break, fast paced work tasks, and more things to remember than you can possibly imagine, then the fast food industry is not a job you can handle. Until you have walked a day in the shoes of a fast food employer, you will never understand just how hard it is to complete the tasks and stressful work that it entails.


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