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Life Is Like a Monopoly Game

Updated on December 18, 2017
Nadine May profile image

Born in Holland Nadine emigrated to South Africa taught art therapy and had a spiritual awakening that influenced her whole outlook on life.


Who created the Monopoly game?

I came past a well written article on the history on Monopoly. It's History is all about amazing connections between ideas and events that become reality.

The origins of the most popular board game in modern history started as The Landlord’s Game by Elizabeth Magie Phillips. Charles Darrow (1889-1967) copied the idea of Elizabeth (Elizabeth, known as “Lizzie” to her friends) by recasting the game naming it Monopoly.

Combining article images on P.O.D projects


Greetings from Cape Town

Lately life has had a way of taking me on several journeys all at the same time, that is why this article has to do with how awake are we?

It took me many years to arrive where I am today, and still I can be momentarily be trapped by the illusion of it all. I know many of you can relate to me. Most of us know that the reality we create on a daily basis is created by our thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold onto for whatever reason. Then we hope that the more awake we become the more we see, hear, feel and understand the deceit and lies that have been spreading around the globe for centuries, but personally I can still get caught into the drama of it all

Mine is the fear of not being able to pay my bills. I have difficulty getting over that hurdle and these last several weeks have been especially taxing.


How awake am I?

  • I’m very aware that money is fake
  • I’m very aware that our food is fake
  • I’m very aware that our weather is fake
  • I’m also aware that our debt is fake

So what does that tell me about me?
Today I see this reality as a Monopoly game but I need to stay in the moment when things around me are taking on a life of their own. So let’s use the following examples:

  • The pawns represent our human bodies that we each have chosen to embody during these times.
  • The dice that we roll in order to play the game represents our beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are charging our auric field every minute of the day. So where did I put my faiths when I rolled the dice?
    Some might say, “but I have no control over the dice”
    I would agree, but we do have control over how we react to the challenges we face each day.
  • The Monopoly board represents the environment we live in. Mine is incredibly amazing, so why do I keep losing faith when bills are piling up?
  • The Monopoly money is a currency we use in order to play the game! We do start with an interest free budget on the game, so why can I not keep that in mind? I know that we do not live outside our budget, but could I somehow lose my home? On Monopoly I often did.
  • The places we land on the board is the role-play script we have chosen to play. Well I’m not so sure about that, since I’ve often landed in jail.
  • As a child I remember how hurt I was to always lose. How hurt I was when I found out that my mother and sister were cheating in order to win the game. It’s hard to want to play a game but you lose at it over and over again. It’s also hard to watch other s keep winning at the same game.

    I often wondered “When will it be MY turn to win?” As I write this I now know that life isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about the journey.


What we love to do

It’s my journey to find ways to trust in the power of my own creation, my own reality. I have plenty to be grateful for as you can see from the photo of our deck that was taken a few days ago.
When things are happening which I have no personal control over, I need to let go and find ways to move back into a good space.

It is during these times that I ask for a sign that brings me back to my centre. That was also the moment that I heard of two websites that pay for original designs.

Being an artist at heart, creating imagery has my passion and by opening two accounts on websites like and with my first store: Just Kidding, I’ve taken my power back.

Even if the earnings might not happen for a long time, it’s during these creative moments of pure enjoyment, while creating projects with my artwork from over the years, that my lack of abundant feelings disappeared.
When we are in our joy, we set the stage for the following act of living the transformation game. Being creative does it for me.

Transformation times

We live in transformational times where ‘change’ is the order of the day. What used to work before in terms of work, can over a very short time be replaced by new technology.

We lost two major customers in the book trade. Bookshops all over the world are having a really hard time, but so do the publishers. Bookshops never paid for our titles, they borrowed them to fill their bookshelf and earned more on a book sale compared to us, the publishers, not to mention what authors get out of the sale.

In my novel The Awakening Clan the characters all have to embrace change when they find out that they belong to a group soul known as the Jaarsma Clan. The Group Soul guide POWAH warns them about the changing times. Each of them have a different outlook on life, but they all have one thing in common. Having this indescribable urge to awaken to their own truth unites them. Only then will they learn how to control the game of life.
What you see on this book trailer is more or less what happened to me before computers were a reality. I though the voice I heard came from the radio, which was not on.

What takes you into a place where you forget about your daily obstacles?

See results

To challenge beliefs

During the late seventies when I started to question things, especially the stories and contradictions within the Christian religion I was brought up in. I was often told not to play with the devil! My mother and later my husband meant, “You should not question what the Bible tells you.”
When a person talks or expresses their thoughts against what most people in their lives still hold on to and believe in, it will rattle some cages. You then gradually learn to keep respecting their beliefs even while they do not honor yours.

To fully awaken from this reality is not an easy journey. It takes courage to go against what most people still hold on to and believe. Those beliefs have been genetically embedded in our human form for centuries. No matter what “truth” we still cling to, each individual who is living in a human body at this moment will be given the opportunity to make a choice.
Today we live in a much more open society due to the internet, and I learned that some people are there for us to be challenged. That is their Soul purpose, although they are not aware of it.

Seeing the bigger picture

Most people on the planet today are still being indoctrinated by religious beliefs that have gone on for centuries, and many cannot step away from the traditions they have been brought up in. Those beliefs have been genetically programmed within our genes from at least three generations back, but their persona, the ego will not allow for them to wake up.

No matter what “truth” we all cling to, today each individual at this moment will be given the opportunity to make a choice because thank goodness we are NOT our genes!
This is what is causing so much upheaval on all levels in our global society. The more awake we all become the more we start to see how the human game is playing itself out.

The brilliant Dr. Bruce Lipton says that it is the cells in our bodies that affect the environment and not the environment that affects the cell.

Today we know of viruses that can kill us, or we are made to believe that they do! Germ warfare has been going on for years, but today it’s more apparent than ever before.


Our times have been prophesised

It has been said and warned by many scholars, writers, authors and our wise forefathers that there would be a time called Armageddon. It’s a battle between souls during the end times.
To confront the idea that our family has believed in lies for generations due to ignorance is far too scary and unsettling to accept for many. I learned that when I wrote an article on Bubblews with the title EBOLA is a fake virus I got very few likes and even less comments during the first few days compared to the other posts.
The next post three days later: How awake are you? Got a lot more likes in the first ten minutes?
That told me that many people would rather go into denial about all the conspiracy theories, because it makes them uncomfortable.

We also live in very exciting times

If we truly in our heart want to fully wake up from this reality dream, we have to take responsibility for our lives. The way to do this is to forgive; first yourself and then everyone else. All the things we might have done in the past must now be released.

This video of Star Trek, (which must have been made years ago) says it all. There is more truth revealed in this short video clip than many are willing to accept, but I’ve been writing about this like so many other authors for many years.

One of the comments on YouTube was:

In the days ahead, humanity will understand this particular scene to be more than just good science fiction. Many will shine. We will soon have reached that stage of no return.

By saying the words out loud from the image below, we have mastered the Monopoly game of life.


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