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Life of a Rookie- Transitioning to the Pros

Updated on June 19, 2010

College football players these days are entering the NFL draft prior to their senior year and before they actually graduate college.

Years ago, this was not the case and it was very unusual for a college athlete to leave school before he graduated to enter the professional ranks. The reason for this at that time was because the athletes knew that:

1.      Their professional athletic career would not last forever.

2.      They needed a good college education in order for their careers after professional sports.

3.      The money that made as a professional athlete was not enough to last them their while lives.

However, these days, there are many college athletes that leave school early in order to turn pro.  There are numerous reasons as to why this is occurring year after year.

1.      If they are possible first round draft choices, it practically guarantees them a multimillion-dollar contract along with a multimillion-dollar signing bonus.

2.      If they are smart with their new found wealth, and invest it wisely, the athlete would most likely never have to work a real job his entire life.

3.      As is the case stated above, they do not need a college education as sports will be their job.

Besides the financial aspect of leaving college early for the NFL, players these days are physically ready for the NFL at an earlier age. With all of the high tech work-out equipment and programs available to the athletes, their physical conditioning is far above the athletes of yester-year. They are in their prime at an earlier age and they do not want to waste their physical attributes playing college ball for free, when they can make millions in the NFL.

Today college athletes are able to make the jump to the NFL before finishing college more then ever. The NFL can give them financial security with possibly enough money to last through future generations of their family. 

Wave that amount of money in front of anyone, especially a college student, and odds are they would jump at the offer. College athletes today are bigger, faster, and stronger then ever before which gives them the ability to make the transition from the college ranks to the NFL much easier.


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