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Lifestyle of a freelancer

Updated on March 19, 2018
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I have a passion for internet marketing actively maintain couple of blogs, the other projects are, writing eBooks and publishing them on kin

Freedom to work

Freedom to work

In this day and age, the chances are available on the internet to work anywhere in the world, and particularly, if you are a young with no family commitments, you will like to travel most of the time. You can still work, wherever you are, whether relaxing on a beach or in a cafe having coffee, on the train traveling or if you are flying. So, remember that you cannot do these things if you are going out for a 9-5 job, where you will have the strict schedule of work and a boss to answer. If you are freelancing, you will have the flexibility as far as the hours of work is concerned. Therefore, say you can work early in the morning before your people in your home wake up and also you can do your job till late night. That said, you got to bear in mind you have to discipline yourself to maintain a schedule for your working times on a consistent basis. If it is essential that your clients have to reach you during their working hours, you need to set your hours of work appropriately so that you will not miss out the contacts from your clients.

Increase your income

A regular job will have a steady income, and you cannot increase it as you like, but with freelancing, plan well to achieve your goals, increasing sales, finding ways to increase your productivity, offering customers upsells, all these will help you to improve your income. You can build your business around your passion, still look for alternate ways to change your products or services that you offer. You can change the pattern of marketing your business that will help you to bring in more customers., you will have an advantage of turning them into paying customers. You have to increase your portfolio presence on the internet to be hired by customers to increase your income.

No tension to attend to emergencies

In case of a family emergency, if you have to get involved slowly, you could plan it out and attend to it properly. Whereas in a day job the permission will have to be obtained from the boss and if they have a deadline for some project and if you are the only person that could do that you will find it extremely difficult to attend to the emergency situation. In the event, that you are handling a sales pitch for the company that you are employed by, and if you have to leave to attend the emergency, the company might lose out due to the lack of experience for your colleague to deal with it. In such a situation you will feel guilty and create problems for yourself. It could happen to freelancer as well, but the loss is only for you and you need not answer anyone, you will eventually find ways to compromise it.

Enhance your knowledge

You can try many lines of projects to become successful, then your learning capacity increases, say, you become a writer, speaker, researcher, creative thinker, learning to be more patient as that is one of the critical factor for success, and also the opportunity to educate yourself more. You start a small business, and after a while, you don't see much of progress and thinking of moving on and start to look about so many ways of increasing your success that enhances your knowledge and gives you an ability to face challenges. You got to work harder at the start because that includes your learning process as well when you have finished and got comfortable with the ways of running a small business you will be able to have little bit emotional relaxation, and after a while, you can start thinking about getting help. The help has to be a reliable one to grow your business; then you can enjoy your real freedom of freelancing. If you are an entrepreneur, you will have to wear too many hats at least at the start, doing tasks like planning, funding, marketing, selling and accounting even though it is tough if you have the determination to manage it, your knowledge to deal with any issue becomes so stronger than ever before. If you are working from your home as a freelancer, the chances of becoming ill will be meagre as work bugs or anything else will not attack you during your commute to work. Once you have settled into your working or business environment, you will be able to relax and have a good night sleep that will help you to activate your brain more. As far as your customer relationships are concerned, you will have control over it and will have no fear of losing them if you nurture your relationship well with your customers. Therefore, after all these points, my opinion is it is more beneficial to you and your family when you become a successful freelancer than going to a 9-5 job forever.

© 2018 Sara Param

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